How to Register the Latest Zepeto Account 2022 – Julybe you are someone who is interested in the Zepeto game, but don’t know how to register the newest Zepeto account in 2022? If so, maybe the short article below can help you make it happen.

To be able to salt and play on Zepeto, one needs to have an account first. Of course, to get this game account you need to register an account first.

Well, in this article we will share how to register a Zepeto account. Where, we will provide a guide to be able to do it. Curious about how. Let’s see the explanation below until it’s finished.

How to Register a Zepeto Account

To create a Zepeto account, prospective creators only need to take a few steps. among others are:

  1. Please download the Zepeto application. If you don’t have it, please download it via the following link:
  2. If so, install and open the Zepeto application.
  3. At the beginning of opening this application, you need to select the Zepeto character first. If you click Next.
  4. Name your Zepeto character. Then click Next.
  5. At this stage you will be faced with various tools that will later be used as your Zepetomu login account, such as: E-mail or Facebook.
  6. Here we try to give an example of using Facebook to create a Zepeto account. To do so, please click the icon Facebook.
  7. Use Username and Password your facebook account.
  8. Then click, Continue as your Facebook account.
  9. After the account creation process is complete, you will be faced with a notification “the process is almost complete, Now create a Zepeto id”.
  10. Just follow the command.

With the completion of the ID creation, you have successfully registered an account in this Zepeto game. Happy!

Questions About Registering a Zepeto Account

  • Is it possible to use email to register zepeto? Very possible.
  • How many coins and zem do you get after registering. Coins around 9000 and zem 0.
  • Is it possible to register Zepeto on an iOS device? Can
  • Is creating a zepeto account free? yes, free without paying. But need to provide internet data.

Julybe that’s what we can convey regarding the procedure for the latest 2022 zepeto list. Please ask questions if there are still things that are not understood in the article above. Thank you and hopefully useful.