How to Reject Phone Calls And Whatsapp Video Calls Automatically

How to Reject Phone Calls and Whatsapp Video Calls Automatically_The Whatsapp application is an application that is widely used by android users. Whatsapp is a social media that has a function to send chat and video calls as well as calls on WhatsApp. As we know, WhatsApp has a phone call feature and also a video call which can be used to call family, video call relatives, or communicate directly with friends. our friends and relatives.

However, if we want to disable whatsapp calls automatically, of course you can do it, because maybe every user has their own privacy, now this time the admin will discuss for those of you who want to reject calls on whatspl automatically if you really want to do it because you have a reason certain.
In the way that the admin will discuss, you can reject calls and whatsapp video calls automatically, so that no one else can call our WhatsApp. If you really have some reason, you can follow the steps below to reject phone calls and automatic video calls.
And this time we are using the original WhatsApp in the Play Store. This application will be able to disable your WhatsApp phone calls and video calls.

Then how do you see the review below to reject phone calls and video calls on your WhatsApp:

The first step you can open the play store, san you can get an additional application called toll for whatsapp.

Furthermore, if the whatsapp toll is already installed, you open the whatspp toll application. Please open the whatsapp toll and select allow the application.

Then you must also allow the application on your cellphone with the second version. Activate it in the service section, select the toll for WhatsApp, activate it in the notification access permission section. And then you can just tap on the finished menu.

The settings are active and your original whatsapp will not be able to be called or on other people’s video calls.

So that’s the discussion on How to reject phone calls and WhatsApp video calls Automatically, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.