How to Remove Archived Chats on Telegram

Telegram is a very secure communication application, where every message is encrypted automatically end-to-endwhich allows messages sent or received to not be intercepted by other users on the same network.

There are many advantages in Telegram, but overall the features are the same as other chat applications such as WhatsApp or Signal. But of course, every chat application has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In Telegram, you can archive a chat or chat to be combined in a special folder. So that incoming chats in the archive folder will be muted and you will not receive notifications again for incoming chats there.

Issue Archived Chat Messages on Telegram

Moving messages to the archive is very easy, basically the user only needs to swipe left. But what if you do that by accident? Surely that will be a problem in itself, especially since the archived chat is still needed.

No need to worry, because archived messages can still be removed, and here’s how:

  1. Open Telegram and tap on Archived Chats.

    Tap on Archived Chat

  2. Next long tap on the chat to be removed from the archive.

    Long tap the Chat You Want to Eject

  3. Then select the option Menu (three dots).

    Click Menu

  4. And select on option Unarchive.

    Releasing Archived Messages on Telegram

  5. Done, the chat was successfully removed from the archive.

You can do the same thing as above if there are multiple chats in the archive. And after removing it, of course you will now get a notification if there is an incoming message in the chat.

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Not only on Telegram, even almost all chat applications have a feature to archive messages. It’s just that in Telegram, the feature to do this is too easy (swiping left), so some users can accidentally archive a chat.

If you have any questions regarding the steps shared above, it is highly recommended to write them in the comments column below for assistance.

Hopefully useful and good luck