How to Remove Default Android Apps (Rooted & Not Rooted)

How to remove default Android apps that have been rooted or not – For some Android users, there may be some who want to delete the default Android application that they feel may be less attractive or do not understand their use. Even some of them want to delete the default Android application because it is felt that it only fulfills the capacity of ram so that it feels burdensome for Android’s performance. Some of them think the application might be considered as bloatware and drain your phone power. The default game may be large enough to consume your storage or applications that require internet that continue to suck data. The app records or auto-uploads images or videos when you don’t want to upload them. And chances are it also drains your phone battery. Well in this case maybe your perfect reason to delete the default android application.

Julybe if the reason you want to delete the default Android application is because the application makes a bad display on your screen. If that’s the case, maybe you can just delete it by dragging the application icon to the Remove box at the top of the screen. Whatever the reason you want to delete some or some of the default Android applications, make sure you consider them first, and this time I will share a little about how to remove the Android manufacturer’s default applications for your rooted and unrooted Android.

Removing Android default apps that have not been rooted
For your Android phone that has not been rooted, this may be very difficult or impossible to do, you can only disable the default Android application or on older versions of Android phones hide or stop applications that you may not want. As a reference, to disable the default Android application before the Kitkat version you can open the app drawer, tap menu then select Hide Application, previously select the application you want to hide then tap Done.

For mobile devices with Android KitkKat system or above, go to Settings > Device > Apps and search for the app you want to remove. Select Force Stop then Disable. Again, this will not delete the default Android apps, but just stop working on your phone, they will never be seen again until you factory reset. The weakness is that this method cannot disable all the default applications because some of the default applications cannot be disabled this way. If this doesn’t satisfy you, you can use a different launcher. Any app can be uninstalled in launchers, but remember the default app will still be on your phone and running in the background.

Deleting rooted Android default apps
Now the advantage of removing the default Android application for a rooted phone is that the default application will be completely deleted and no longer on your Android phone, unlike a rooted Android phone which can only hide or disable the default application and the application is still in the Android phone. . Now to remove the default application from Android you need an application support that you can download on the Playstore for free or premium. Now, among several applications that you can use to delete the default Android application, I will share how to use APP REMOVER to delete the default Android application. To use APP REMOVER your phone must:

Your phone must be rooted. Leave your memory of about 10MB to install APP REMOVER, just look for it on your Google Play Store.

The steps to remove the default Android application using APK REMOVER are as follows:

1 Download the APP REMOVER/APP REMOVER application on your android by searching on the google play store. After the application is downloaded and installed, please open the application and run it. If there is a root permit, please quickly press yes / allow root, because root has a permission time of usually 15 seconds

2 Select the default application that you want to delete by checking the application you want to delete, I suggest applications that say MUST EXIST and applications that are important for Wiffi, Bluetooth and other references should never be deleted if you delete them your Android will experience a system failure. If you run the system app remover application, the application already has a navigation menu that you can select as desired, for example if you want to delete an application on the system then select the “System Application” menu. See the image below:

How to remove default Android apps that have been rooted or not How to Delete Default Android Apps (Root & Not Rooted)

3 Click remove app or uninstall and wait for it to finish. Congratulations, your Android default application can be deleted

Thus my writing this time about how to delete the default Android application. Once again to consider carefully before deleting the default Android application, let it be useful and thank you for visiting this blog.