How to Remove Google Account from Other Devices

Google has a very high system in protecting all user accounts. Whenever the Google account is accessed by another device, the system will immediately send a message to the inbox in the email. However, even logging into an account sometimes still requires some actions that aim to identify the real account owner.

A Google account on a cellphone has many uses, one of which can be used to register for a website such as social media. If the account is in the hands of someone else, of course it will be very risky.

For example, you sell your phone to someone else and then forget that you haven’t deleted your personal Google account on the phone. But don’t worry, because Google has a feature to delete the account from Facebook selected devicesee this article to find out how.

Removing Google Accounts from Other Devices

The meaning of “delete” in the title above is “removing” (logout), so this does not mean completely deleting the account. Later when the account has been removed, the device will be asked to re-enter the Google account.

  1. Please login first to Google account via browser.

  2. After that click menu Security.

  3. Scroll down to section Your device. Click on options Manage Device.

    Click Manage Device

  4. Click the three-dot option on the device you want to eject.

    Select the Device You Want to Eject

  5. After that select logout.

    Removing Google Accounts from Other Devices

  6. A confirmation dialog will appear, click continue logout.

    Removing a Google Account on Another Device

  7. Done, the Google account has been successfully removed from the device.

When the account has been issued on that device, later a notification will appear on that device asking to re-login to the Google account. The above method is one of the fastest ways to secure an account while it is being accessed on other devices that are not known.

If your account is accessed by an unknown device, I highly recommend changing your password and activating two-factor authentication so that the account remains safe and does not get misused by others.

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The feature for removing an existing account on Google can also be used to track the whereabouts of the device too. The condition is that the device must be connected to the internet and activate the location/GPS so that the results are accurate.

And all devices that have used the Google account that you use will also be detected there. That way you can manage which devices were last active. If there is something you want to ask more about the method above, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck