How to Remove Red Underline in Word

Did you know that the red underline in Microsoft Word is basically very useful. It is used to detect the presence of misspelled words. That way you can easily correct and improve the word.

But of the many Windows 10 computers that everyone uses, everyone still uses English, of course there will be lots of red underscores on every word that is typed. Of course it will make vision less comfortable.

In order to get rid of that underscore, there is two options you can choose. The first is to directly disable the word spelling feature in Microsoft Word. And the second is to download Indonesian on the computer, so that Microsoft Word can detect the spelling correctly.

Removing the Red Underline in Word

As I said above that there are two ways to do it. So if you feel this spelling feature is useless, then the first method will be very appropriate to implement. Meanwhile, if you still wish to continue using this spelling feature to function properly, then please apply the second method.

1. Disable the Spelling Feature in Microsoft Word

  1. Open a document in Microsoft Word.

  2. Click menu File.

    Click File Menu

  3. Then select menu Option.

    Click Options on Word

  4. Then click menu Spell Check.

    Click the Spell Check Menu

  5. Scroll down and uncheck the option Check spelling as you type.

    Removing the Red Underline in Word

  6. The last step, click the button OK.

Now try typing something in the currently open document, surely the red underline will now not appear again.

2. Downloading Indonesian and Setting it up for Word

By downloading Indonesian, of course, the spelling check in Microsoft Word will be accurate, so the red underline will only appear when the word is written incorrectly. To do this is very easy, here’s how.

Please head to Windows Settings > Time & Language > Language. Then please click option Add a preferred language and search by keyword Indonesia. Later, two languages ​​will appear, namely English (Indonesia) and Indonesianplease install both.

Installing Indonesian for Word

When it is installed, you can now go directly to Microsoft Word, go to File > Option > Spell Check. Click on button Kamus Kustom and after that put a check on Indonesian.

Enabling Indonesian for Spelling Check in Word

Done, now spell checking in Microsoft Word has support for Indonesian.

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The first method will turn off the spell check feature, so Microsoft Word will no longer detect any incorrect words. Meanwhile, the second method is intended to make this feature work properly, namely installing Indonesian on the computer.

Because by default language pack for Indonesian it’s still not installed, so simply installing it will allow the spell check feature to work properly.

Hopefully useful and good luck