How to remove the capcut logo in the top corner

Assalamualaikum friends online, see you again in mimin’s article, this time mimin will discuss how to remove the capcut logo in the top corner or how to use the capcut template without a watermark.

The capcut application is an aesthetic video editing application, pause and much more that we can use for this capcut application. various dancing fogs in this capcut application can be felt by users, because there are many interesting features, so this capcut application is also widely used for editing. youtube videos.

The advantage of editing YouTube in this Capcut application is that it is easy and fast if we want to edit. There are many hidden features in the Capcut application. So how do I use the Caocut template without a watermark.

For those of you who are looking for a capcut template without a watermark, in this article we will discuss how to use or use a capcut template without a watermark, of course we can use our own photos, without the need for us to edit, we can also make pauses using a capcut template .

Just select the template you want to use then you just tap on the photo or video, after that click start then pause by using the capcut template without a watermark.

And how do you make the capcut logo not exist, to use the capcut template using your own photo, the trick is, when you have prepared the photo or video that you want to edit, pause.

You just have to choose the template, the way to make the capcut watermark disappear is when your video has been saved to 100% then you don’t need to directly upload the results to tikotk. So your photos and videos are actually finished and without a watermark, to upload them to tiktok you can via the outer homepage of tiktok, which means you don’t need to upload directly from capcut which is transferred to tiktok. if you upload directly from capcut to tiktok, then automatically there will still be a capcut watermark.

So the way to make a capcut template without a watermark, you can upload the video that you exported earlier through the outer homepage of tiktok.

This capcut application is also famous for now, many tiktok users are using this application, for editing pauses or being a creator in capcut.

To be a creator in Capcut itself is promising, because we will be paid if many of our templates are used by other people. And we will be paid in dollars if we become creators in the Capcut application.

Thus the discussion on how to remove the capcut logo on the top right, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you