How to remove tiktok rotoscope feature

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time we will discuss how to remove the tiktok rotoscope feature and how to remove the tiktok rotoscope.

The tiktok rotoscope effect is indeed viral right now, many like this effect and some want to remove this rotoscope effect, not only Instagram which has a tiktok effect, it also has effects that can be used by tiktok users.

Tiktok itself is an application that is currently widely liked and very popular, in this tiktok application we can share creations, hobbies, and marketing business we can also do in this tiktok application, tiktok is an application that presents a variety of interesting videos, of course with videos short or short videos, many use this application to share creations on tiktok.

For now, tiktok also has a tiktok shop feature so that tiktok users can make money by promoting their tiktok shop products, and not only that we can also shop through the tiktok inj application. Besides that, we can also share our business videos, for example promoting the products we sell so that we can attract TikTok users to buy the products we sell.

Tentu with the more complete fogtur titkok, the more users are using this application, with cool music and lots of viral and we can also use it to make a tiktok video. with very good effects that we can use on this tiktok.

Now for this time we will discuss how to remove the tiktok rotoscope feature which is currently viral. Now for those of you who want to try this filter, make sure to know what this rotoscope filter is, this filter has an important notification that you usually read when you want to use this effect, make sure if you want to use this effect make sure to know for the side effects of the inj effect. many use this effect and some also want to remove this rotoscope.

Well this time we will discuss first how to use this tiktok rotoscope filter, first open your tiktok, and tap on the left and you just choose an effect, and select the trending effects menu, usually this rotoscope effect will be in the trending menu which is because again viral and widely used, and many also want to remove this rotoscope.

For those of you who want to try it, please click in the middle menu when you get this effect, then your video will turn colorful like this viral one. And some also want this rotoscope feature to be deleted, how do you remove this rotoscope filter on tiktok.

The filter itself can’t actually be deleted, because on tiktok there is no menu to delete this rotoscope, of course you can delete it when you use this effect, so the term is when your video has used this effect then you can remove the rotoscope effect, but to remove the inj rotoscope feature it is neither present nor available if you want to remove this filter.

So how do you save this rotoscope feature or add it to your favorites, of course you can add it to your favorites, but you can’t delete it.

So for those of you who are curious so that this rotoscope feature does not appear, please enter it into the favorites menu, it will automatically be saved, and will disappear from the effects menu which is again trending. only in the video that we use, and for effects or rotoscope filters this cannot be removed.

For those of you who want to try or find this rotoscope filter, you can enter the tiktok search and type rotoscope, and you will find a video that uses this rotoscope effect, tap on the filter menu and you will be taken to the rotoscope effect homepage, press to use the effect .

That’s how to remove the tiktok rotoscope feature, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.