How to Render Using GPU in Blender 2.8

There are many changes in the Blender program from version 2.7 to 2.8, one of which is interface or display. And until now there are 2 types of options or types for rendering, namely Eeve and Cycle.

Eeve doesn’t take much time to render, that’s because this type is often used for 3D games. It’s different if the Cycle type is more often used for film production so that the results look good and realistic than Eeve.

If you use Cycle type for rendering, you will have another choice between using CPU or GPU. And of course using the GPU is much faster. But there are times when the GPU in Blender can’t be used, and there must be a reason.

Enabling GPU for Render Cycle Process in Blender

In the Rendering Properties by default Cycle is set as CPU. But you can change it directly to the GPU by changing it in the options Device. However, if the GPU option cannot be used, that is a sign that the GPU has not been activated in the settings.

Here’s how to enable the GPU for the rendering cycle in Blender 2.8:

  1. Open the Blender program.

  2. Click tab Edit and headed for Preferences.

    Go to Blender Settings

  3. Next click menu System.

    Click the System menu

  4. In the Cycles Render Devices check the GPU on the computer.

    Enabling GPU in Blender

  5. After that go back to Rendering Properties and set Devices as GPU Compute.

    Render Using GPU in Blender

For the example above I put a check on GTX 1050 which is the GPU on my computer. Meanwhile, if the user has more than one GPU, it can also be activated all of them to speed up the rendering process.

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The simple thing is, when the GPU is not enabled from the settings, then it can’t be used directly on the Rendering Properties. Even though it’s set to GPU, it’s still not active.

You can find out whether it is active or not through the task manager, there will be shown how much load of the GPU on the computer to ensure that the GPU is working for rendering and not the CPU.

Actually there is nothing wrong even if you want to use the CPU because the rendering results will be the same. But this will affect PC performance, one of which is lag when used for multitasking, for example waiting for the rendering process while browsing. So think again if you want to use the CPU for the rendering cycle.

Hopefully useful and good luck