How to Reply to Tiktok Comments With Latest Videos

How to Reply to Tiktok Comments with the Latest Videos_ How to Reply to comments using Tiktok videos are really trending right now, many ask questions and then we can reply to them in this tiktok video with a video, of course this is a special attraction for those of you who like to play Tiktok.

Tiktok itself is an application with various short videos in it, even the latest tiktok feature can now upload videos of long duration, of course this makes tiktok users feel at home, namely being able to make long duration videos on this tiktok.

In this tiktok, many distribute short tiktok videos and long tiktok video versions, many videos that you can find, from prank videos, news videos, motivational videos, funny videos and many more tiktok videos that you can find when playing on this tiktok application.

Currently, there are many TikTok users who open the TikTok application almost all the time, either just as entertainment to see funny videos or make their own videos to become creators on TikTok.

Tiktok itself prepares various features for tiktok creators, then if it’s live on tiktok it will usually get gifs from its fans and can be converted into rupiah if many people give gifs to your tiktok account, not only that, even now a box appears on the video menu gifts and useful for those of you who want to give gifts or be given gif gifts on each of your videos.

Currently, there are many who spend their time playing tiktok, because tiktok has prepared a monetization feature, so many are using this live tiktok feature by selling tiktok shop or becoming a tiktok affiliate and will make money from this tiktok application.

With the monetization feature, which makes money from tiktok, of course, tiktok users can make money on tiktok without capital, of course, only quota package capital.

Well this time we will share how to reply to comments with tiktok videos.

How to Reply to Tiktok Comments With Latest Videos

How to make a reply to a comment on tiktok using a video, the method is very easy, maybe for those of you who don’t know how to make it, let’s discuss it in this article

First you can open your tiktok application, if you don’t have an account, please register first.

After you open tiktok then you just have to tap on the video section that has comments,

Next, “Press And Hold” on the comment you want to reply to using the video.

Then several menus will appear like in the picture below.

On the menu you can select at the top, namely ‘reply with video’, tap on the reply with video menu then after that it will enter your tiktok camera section and you can start blinding videos with the appearance on the video, there is a comment at the top that can be viewed. see.

That’s how to reply to Tiktok comments with the latest videos, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.