How to Reset Content on Samsung Kids

Samsung Kids or formerly known as Kids Home is a feature provided on Samsung phones aimed at children. Here parents can limit what content can be opened on the internet and also share or separate photo and video content in the gallery.

So what children do with Samsung Kids is almost the same as being in mode Sandbox or Secure Folder, because it will not be able to exit and be locked there with content that has been restricted by parents.

A lot of content that may be created by their children, for example are paintings, photos, videos, and so on. Actually it also goes to Gallery, and can be managed manually. But users can also delete all that along with all the settings in it like resetting the phone.

How to Reset Samsung Kids

Resetting this feature will only affect the content and settings in it. It will not affect the content beyond that. And as a suggestion before doing this, make sure you have backed up some content that you feel is important to keep so that it doesn’t get deleted.

If you feel you are ready to reset it, please follow the steps below to do it:

  1. Open the notification panel.

  2. Long press on the Samsung Kids icon.

  3. Tap on three dot option in the upper right corner.

    Tap Three Dots Option

  4. And select menu Arrangement.

    Select Settings

  5. Next tap on the menu Reset Samsung Kids.

    Reset Content on Samsung Kids

  6. Then a confirmation dialog will appear, continue by pressing options Reset.

    Reset Confirm Dialog

The reset process is fast, only a few seconds and then Samsung Kids will be back to normal. All settings in it will be returned as the first time trying. A small example is the settings in Crocro Village Park.

You are also expected to reset the internet sites that are allowed to be opened.

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Reset Samsung Kids aims to restore any possible settings that were not set correctly before so that children can see the appropriate content and have fun using it.

As a precaution, it’s a good idea to back up the photo or video content that was made there, because after all, sometimes their child’s work can become a separate memory that shouldn’t be thrown away.

Hopefully useful and good luck