How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chats 2022

Peace be upon you, online friends, see you again in our article, this time we will discuss how to restore Deleted WhatsApp chats.

How to Restore Deleted Wa Chats Is It Possible? Of course that’s a question for those of you who accidentally deleted messages on your WhatsApp.

The thing that needs to be known is that messages can be restored if you previously backed them up on or backed up WhatsApp messages to Google Drive or your memory card.

In fact, it is possible to restore deleted wa messages and precisely in this article we will discuss how to restore deleted wa messages.

Wahatsapp itself is a social media that is widely used by Android users, WhatsApp itself is a very simple and easy application to use. Of course, it is not surprising that many people already have this application on their cellphones.

Actually whatsapp is an application that is simple and easy to use, but actually there are many features available in this application. understand of course.

Losing messages on whatsapp can be accidentally or wrongly pressed is a normal thing, so how do you get that wa message back?

Here’s a trick how to restore deleted wa oesan:

• First open your whatsapp application, then reinstall your whatsapp on the play store which means that your first whatsapp can be deleted and then install it again on the play store.

Then after it’s installed, go to WhatsApp like you can, which is to enter the phone number and verification code

•Type a menu asking for RESTORE data appears, just click on recover data and media using google drive.

After the data backup processing is complete, select it in the Advanced menu.

And WhatsApp will automatically recover your deleted data and chats will return to normal of course.

This can be done if you have previously backed up your wa data to Google Drive.

As for you, iPhone users, if you want to restore or restore deleted WhatsApp chats, you can follow the steps below:

Open your whatsapp, make sure for iphone users have a WhatsApp clone backup and then go to the Chat Settings section.

Next select the Chat Backup Menu.

then for whatsapp it can be deleted and restored again as above.

Then enter your number and the next verification code, just select the menu to recover data.

Then our data on the iPhone will return to the way it was. Thus, your deleted messages on wa can be returned.

That’s the discussion on how to restore WhatsApp messages that have been deleted in 2022, hopefully it’s useful and thank you