How to Safely Delete Windows10Upgrade Folder on Computer

Every time there is an update on Windows there must be some leftover files that are still stored. This is done as an element of security if there is an error in the previous update. The file is usually stored in a folder called Windows10Upgrade.

Unlike the Windows.old folder created by the system. While the Windows10Upgrade folder was created by a program called Windows 10 Update Assistant. And the program is useful for performing Windows updates easily and quickly.

The Windows10Upgrade folder located on drive C sometimes makes one wonder, is it safe to delete? Because on some devices, the size inside can reach several Giga Bytes.

Is it Safe to Delete the Windows10Upgrade Folder?

Even if the folder is located on the system drive, it’s actually perfectly fine to delete it. As long as your device on this Windows update runs normally without any interruptions, then the folder may be deleted.

However, to delete it safely, you must uninstall program which causes the folder to appear. So that way, in the future the folder will not appear and create the rest of the update files again.

How to Delete the Windows10Upgrade Folder

So to make that folder disappear completely, all you need to do is uninstall a program called Windows 10 Update Assistant. Here’s how:

  1. Open Windows Settings.

  2. Click menu Apps.

    Click the Apps menu

  3. Then find and click on the application named Windows 10 Update Assistant.

  4. Then click the button Uninstall and follow the procedure.

    Deleting Folder Windows10Upgrade Safely

After the application/program is successfully uninstalled, the Windows10Upgrade folder will be automatically deleted. And from now on you won’t find that folder again on the system drive even if there is an update.

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The Windows10Upgrade folder is a directory used by an application/program called Windows 10 Update Assistant to store some backup files before the device updates.

Basically the folder only stores files that are not many. But over time, of course the files in it can accumulate so that the size will grow to several Giga Bytes. So if you want more system drive space, it’s best to delete this folder using the method described above.

Hopefully useful and good luck