How to Save Energy in Daily Life

As quoted from the Indonesian language wikipedia site Energy saving or energy conservation is an act of reducing the amount of energy use. Energy savings can be achieved by using energy efficiently where the same benefits are obtained by using less energy, or by reducing consumption and activities that use energy. Energy savings can lead to reduced costs, as well as increased environmental value, national security, personal safety, and convenience. Organizations and individuals can save costs by saving energy, while commercial and industrial users can increase efficiency and profits by saving energy.

Saving energy is very important for us to do, especially considering that recently there has been an energy crisis in the world. Due to this energy crisis, many alternative energy sources have been created in an effort to meet the energy needs that we use. So we as users who do not know anything about the manufacture or process of creating energy so that it is ready to use is very important to make savings.

Energy in the form of electricity and fuel oil really spoils us. Even now people are starting to depend on electricity, so they feel disadvantaged when they find a power failure, which is even done in turns as an effort to save energy on electricity. It is undeniable that now there are many household electronic items that cannot work without electricity.

Energy Saving in Daily Life

Energy saving is an important element of an energy policy. Energy savings reduce energy consumption and energy demand per capita, so as to cover the increasing energy demand due to population growth. This reduces rising energy costs, and can reduce the need for energy generation or energy imports. The reduced demand for energy can provide flexibility in choosing the method of energy production.

In addition, by reducing emissions, saving energy is an important part of preventing or mitigating climate change. Energy savings also make it easier to replace non-renewable sources with renewable sources. Energy saving is often the most efficient way to deal with energy shortages, and is a more environmentally friendly way than increasing energy production.

And this electricity is the energy generated from the processing of energy on earth. Because it is very possible for energy to run out if done continuously and on a large scale, there is a possibility that the energy supply is running low from year to year. And because of this, we need to implement energy savings, so that a more severe energy crisis will not happen to our children and grandchildren. The use of electricity in households is increasing every year, and this cannot be separated from the increasing population.

This increasing population certainly has an impact on the use of greater energy according to needs. Even though the existing energy does not only come from electricity, but also from fuel oil which now almost everyone needs it because four-wheeled vehicles and motorbikes are very easy to own. So to save energy that we can do everyday at home, do some of the things below.

  • Wear the right clothes, Why dress the right way. Wearing clothes that are perfect for the weather will help save a lot of energy as the pattern of using wool helps keep you warm in cold winters and that means you can save on heating energy. Or if you feel hot, then wear thin clothes that are comfortable for the body rather than turning on the AC or fan with a large electric power.
  • Use electrical energy wisely, Use household appliances and office equipment only that are energy efficient. This energy saving can be started from the use of environmentally friendly refrigerators and air conditioners.
  • Turn off the computer, water, lights, and television when not in use, and use an electric iron as needed.
  • Use light bulbs that are energy efficient but have a fairly clear light like fluorescent lamps. This lamp is able to shine clearly even though its capacity is small, but in its use, adjust it to its function.
  • Do not get used to behaving extravagantly, so use electricity as needed, alternately and not excessively in using it.
  • If you can still use household appliances manually, do it manually to save energy.
  • Use energy efficient house and building designs, so as much as possible not to use lighting during the day. Use adequate ventilation and also place ornamental plants to cool the room. To cool the room, we can also use a roof made of soil and ceramics.
  • Further energy savings can be done by providing public transportation accommodation so that not everyone is allowed to use private vehicles. Because the use of exclusive vehicles without control will show some negative effects including waste of energy.
  • The government held a large-scale socialization of the importance of saving energy, and this was also carried out by officials in the country. So, for example, residents are not allowed to have more than 1 exclusive vehicle in one family card, so the same applies to our officials.
  • The government fully supports the existence of alternative energy innovations ranging from accommodation to existing costs. Likewise, the innovation of four-wheeled vehicles or energy-efficient vehicles must be fully developed and supported.
  • If necessary, give appreciation to the energy saving efforts that have been made by the community.
  • Turn off the bedroom lights when sleeping.
  • Only turn on the light when you enter a dark room, such as a bathroom or warehouse.
  • If you use an electric water pump. Fill the bath and all bathroom needs at once. For example, every morning. Because the ‘pull’ of electricity from the water pump when it is first turned on, it consumes enough electricity.
  • Start creating a schedule for washing and ironing clothes on a regular basis. Do not wash or iron clothes in installments. It is better to set a schedule, for example, twice a week for all soiled clothes.
  • If you drive a private car, leave for work early and come home later to avoid traffic jams. Congestion on the road makes your vehicle’s gas wasteful
  • Try to use household electrical appliances that save electricity.
  • Sleep early. Finish all the work at the office, don’t take it home. Besides you have to pay for energy from the desktop you turn on. Time with family is also quite important. This does not save energy but if your time with family is optimal, it can give you more energy to start tomorrow better.
  • Don’t just throw away used papers, keep in mind that every time you use a paper, you cut down a tree.
  • Don’t pamper your body by driving every time you leave the house. If the place is really far, you can just use a vehicle. But if it’s close, for example, five or ten minutes away, it’s better to walk or bike. Do you exercise at the same time?
  • Use water sources sparingly and don’t be wasteful, remember that the lower the ground water, the lower the ground level, which means that the year the land level is lower than sea level.