How to Save Instagram Reels Video To Gallery

How to Save Instagram Reels Vidio to Gallery_Instagram application is a social media application that is widely used by android users, chat applications with various dancing features such as live instagram, instagram reels, instagram stories that you can get on this instagram application. We will discuss how to save the latest 2022 Instagram Reels Video in this article.

How to save ig reels for those of you who want to save Instagram video reels, this method is very easy, in addition to Instagram reels you can also save Instagram videos to the gallery easily and without using an application.

How to save ig video reels to the gallery is much sought after by Instagram users who want to save their video reels to the gallery or friends’ video reels to the gallery. Many of the features you find on Instagram, including Instagram filters and effects that you can use and share to Instagram stories You. On Instagram itself, we can do various features such as live Instagram, make posts, and share statuses as well as videos and photos to this Instagram.

Instagram also has a product feature where Instagram users can also shop online on this Instagram application. Instagram itself is an application that is widely used, for those of you who don’t have this Instagram application, we can find it on the Playstore for Android users and the App Store for users. iphone.

How to save Instagram Video Reels to the Gallery Without an application and without any hassle, for those of you who want to save Instagram videos and save Instagram Reels videos without using an application, the method is very easy. Here are some ways for those of you who want to download Instagram videos or download Instagram video application.

First you can open your Instagram and make sure your Instagram has been updated to the latest version. If not, you can update your Instagram to the latest version.

The next step is you can select the video reels that you want to save to the gallery, by tapping on the Instagram video reels, then you can click on the three dots at the bottom right.

•Select Menu copy links and links after that you can use the Google Chrome browser.

Tap on the Google Chrome application and you just type it in the Google search keyword section, namely “Instagram Reels Download”

After you search for the keywords above, you can select the first menu, then you can paste the reelsa video code that you copied earlier into the box column on the website.

Wait until the Instagram video reels you want to download open, then there will be a download menu tap on the download menu.

Wait a few seconds, the Instagram video reels you want to download automatically enter the gallery and use music, of course.

In addition to Instagram Reels, you can also download regular videos in the method above. So you can quickly and easily and without using an application, of course.

Thus the discussion on How to Save Instagram Reels Video to the Latest 2022 Gallery, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.