How to Save Tiktok Effect 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again in the mmimin article, this time I will discuss how to save the tiktok filter or tiktok effect or save the tiktok filter, so for those of you who are still beginners, you must read it.

The tiktok application is an application that has many users, especially teenagers, now this application itself is an application that shares short videos or short videos. In addition, there are many features in the Tiktok application, including being able to live, and shop from this application.

There are even those who can make money from this application, the tiktok application also has effects or filters like on ig, many tiktok users also use effects to make short videos.

So what if we want to find the tiktok effect, to get the effect on tiktok it’s not that complicated, bro, just open your tiktok application and then enter the (+) sign on the tiktok camera, now pay attention to the effect on the left, you can just click. then several tiktok effects will appear that are trending or viral and are widely used by users.

Now to try it, my friend, just select one of the tiktok filters that you want to use, it will go straight to the camera and be ready to use the tiktok effect as we wish.

How about if we want to save a filter on tiktok, to save a filter on tiktok the method is quite easy, friend, just select one of the filters you want to use, then click on the effect, then videos will appear that use that effect, then my friend pay attention to the label menu below from the effect title,

Next, to save the tiktok effect, you just click on the label menu and select add to favorites, it will be saved immediately.

And the filter will be saved in the home menu section of our profile and will be entered in the label menu section, and just select it in the effects menu section to open the filter. Just click the label menu then you can choose in the effects section.


how to save a friend’s profile photo on tiktoks is actually very easy, friend, even though there is no menu to download photos, but mimin has a trick so that we can save the profiles of our friends or relatives.

Well, one of them is that we can use screen photos or screenshots, every android phone now has a screen photo feature, so we can take photos using screen photos and just crop or cut them, so we will immediately save our friends’ photos.


The current popular tiktok filter is the I’m single filter, this filter is very popular among tiktok users, so for those of you who want to get the trending tiktok effect, it’s very easy, friend, just enter the tiktok application.

Then click on the search menu, type the title of the filter, namely “I’m single,” then select a video that uses that effect, then click on the effect section and we will be taken to several videos that use that effect,

Now to use it, my friend, just click on the menu section, use this effect, and automatically my friend will also immediately use this effect,

That’s the discussion on how to save the 2022 tiktok effect, hopefully it’s useful, thank you