How to save tiktok music to gallery without app 2022

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again with us, this time we will discuss how to save tiktok music to the gallery without the 2022 application.

How to save tiktok music without an application, is it possible? Julybe for those of you who want to find this method, you are right in our article. This time we will discuss how to save TikTok music to the gallery without this application.

Who does not know tiktok, a popular application with various interesting features that users can get, the tiktok application is a short video application or short video, by sharing videos to create or create and other interesting videos, in addition to various short videos this application also provides live tiktok feature which can greet fans through this tiktok live feature.

Apart from the live tiktok features, we can also shop or shop in this application, of course, it is getting more complete every day for tiktok’s own features. Besides that, the tiktok feature also provides various effects that can be used by tiktok users. Various effects can be obtained in this application.

Creating your own tiktok effect is actually very easy, just click the + sign then click on the left and we will find various types of effects that we can try, of course.

So how do you save tiktok music without this application? For how to save tiktok music without an application, it’s actually very easy, here’s how to save tiktok music without an application:

First, open your tiktok application, then select the video that you want to download the music for.

The trick is to tap the arrow icon to the left, select copy, and automatically the video that we want to take the music has been copied.

Next, open your google chrome then type musiccallydown,com

Next, enter the url that was copied earlier, then paste it into the web.

And tap on the download mp3 section, it will automatically be downloaded and successfully save the tiktok music.

then if you want to use the additional application, you can also install the mp3 converter application, this application also functions to take music in the video, of course you can also tiktok videos.

Install the mp3 converter application, and select in the open menu section, enter the video you want to download. Select the convert menu and then click on the top right point menu select download.

Then automatically the music in the video has been downloaded and becomes mp3 in your music menu.

That’s the discussion on how to save tiktok music without the 2022 application, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.