How to Screenshot OPPO A53 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, meet again with Mimin, now at this meeting, Mimin will share tricks or how to screenshot on the Oppo A53 cellphone.

the screenshot feature on the cellphone is something that can be said to be very important, every android phone has this screenshot feature, friend, but usually every type of cellphone is different, friend. Now for the Oppo Reno cellphone itself, we have to activate 3 finger screenshots and that’s what we have to do. activate it in the settings menu and this time mimin will discuss screenshots on the oppo a53, friend.

Screenshot is an important feature to display the screen display at the same time as proof of transfer or something else.

Actually, taking a screenshot on an a53 cellphone is very easy, bro, it’s just that maybe some don’t understand. Now, this time we will discuss it in this article.


You can do screenshots using the buttons, friend, by pressing the power and volume down buttons simultaneously, friend. Then it will immediately take a screen shot or screenshot.

This method is quite easy to use, friend, only we press the power button and volume down then there will be a screen photo on our cellphone.


Screenshot using 3 fingers can be said to be a very simple and easy way, now to activate this screenshot, you need to go to the settings section on your cellphone. The only way is to go into your cellphone settings, friend.

Select the practical tools menu and select gestures and movements, then just activate it for a screenshot of the cellphone, friend.

This method can be considered a fairly modern way to screenshot 3 fingers, friend.

Then there is another way, friend, that you can do, namely by using the smart side bar.

decide which part you want in SS, friend. Sweep the left or right and tap the SS button that appears and the screenshot will be saved in the gallery, friend.


We will continue to discuss it again in the Oppo F11 section, friend, now on this Oppo F11 cellphone, you can also do 3 finger screenshots, bro.

This figure also has a very important function if we can do ss on our cellphones.

Now this time we will discuss how to activate screnshot on the Oppo cellphone, friend. This method cannot be used directly, which means we have to activate it first to activate the 3 finger screenshot, friend.

To activate the screen shot for the Oppo F 11, it’s very easy, friend, here are the steps 2 that you usually do for SS on the Oppo F 11.

1. Open the settings on your cellphone, friend.

2.CLICK on the menu of practical tools

3. Then select gestures and gestures.

4. Now, just select the menu that shows activate the 3-finger screenshot. The trick is to just slide it to the right, then my friend can immediately activate the 3-finger screenshot, friend.

It’s easy enough, isn’t it, to activate the 3-finger screenshot on this ho oppo f 11, friend.


How to activate the oppo reno 4 f screenshot, which maybe you don’t know, actually the method is almost the same as in the oppo reno f 11 section, friend.

The first step, my friend, is to open the Oppo Reno 4F cellphone, then you can go to the settings section and click on the practical tools menu. And then select in the Gestures and Movements menu, just activate it for 3 finger screenshots, friend.

Okay, that’s the discussion on how to activate the Oppo A53 screenshot, hopefully it’s useful

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