How to search song title with google

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again with mimin, this time mimin will discuss how to search for song titles with google.

Of course, with the internet network for now, we can easily search for everything online, even just by using a cellphone.

Technology for now is increasingly sophisticated. To get everything online, from checking accounts, shopping, etc., everything can be done online or through the internet network. .

Of course, only with the lyrics of the song or with the title of the song we can get the song we want through google. Not even that by using our voice we can also search for everything on the internet or google.

Moreover, music, and it can be said that this music is not far from everyday life where we definitely want to find music that is suitable for us. What else is music with touching lyrics that we have experienced. Of course we will look for the title of the song.

So how do you search for songs on Google? Actually searching for songs on google is quite easy, as we discussed above, we can use voice, song lyrics and even the title of the song we are looking for on the internet we can already find.


Here are some steps to search for song titles with Google.

Open the google application or you can use google chrome, and on every android it is available

Then if you want to use the sound tap on the side or the mic logo on the search icon.

Then you sing the lyrics of the song that you want to know for the title of the song.

then Google will automatically find the lyrics of the song you sing, then just select it

If there is a download menu, please just download it so that it is stored in our cellphone gallery.

Now it’s quite easy to open a way to search for song titles on google. Then there is also a way to find song titles with one of the lyrics that we know.

For the steps themselves, the same as above, open your Google application, then tap on the search menu, and click on the search icon, type in the lyrics you remember.

Then Google will automatically refresh what song you are looking for. If there is a website that discusses the song, please click on it and look for the download menu for the song, so that we are not busy looking for the song.


How to activate drak mode or dark mode on google chrome, to activate dark mode on google chrome is actually quite easy, just click on the three dots on the top right then look for the settings menu and then tap on the theme menu,

Then there will be two choices which are light and dark or drak mode, to turn off the drak mode, you can slide it to the left, now if you want to turn it back on, you can slide it to the right.

How easy is it not how to change the Drak Mode theme on Google Chrome.

Thus the discussion on how to search for song titles on Google, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.