How to Securely Delete Windows.old Folder

Every time you update the Windows version, the system will perform a full backup of the current version just in case you want to go back. So the system will save the full backup in a folder called Windows.old.

The Windows.old folder is also not temporary. So if you don’t delete it, the folder will stay there until the next Windows update. Actually it’s fine to keep as long as the drive storage is sufficient.

But if the storage on the drive on your computer is running low, then it’s a good idea to delete the folder. And this article will share safest way to delete the folder.

Delete the Windows.Old Folder Folder

Since this Windows.old folder includes system files, so I don’t recommend deleting them directly from Windows Explorer. But you can remove it from the Storage Sense feature that has been provided in Windows 10.

Here are the safe steps to delete the Windows.old folder:

  1. Open Windows Settings.

  2. Click the System menu.

    Click the System menu

  3. Then click on the menu Storage.

    Click the Storage menu

  4. Then click option Configure Storage Sense or run it now.

    Click Configure Storage Sense Option

  5. Scroll down and check the section Delete previous version of Windows.

    Deleting Windows.old Folder Safely

  6. The last step, click the button Clean Now and wait for the deletion process to complete.

The deletion process is usually quick, depending on the drive you’re using. If you wear HDD, it may take about 1 or 2 minutes. Meanwhile, if you use SSDit will last just a moment.

The deleted Windows.old folder cannot be recovered because it has been permanently deleted to save space on the drive.

(Alternative) Delete Windows.old Folder Using Disk Clean Up

Actually there is also another way, namely using the Disk Clean Up feature. But in my opinion the method above is much more effective, because using Disk Clean Up in my opinion the process is longer, but it is suitable to be applied to Windows 10 and below.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.

  2. Right click on drive C and select Properties.

  3. Then click on the button Disk Clean Up.

  4. Then click the button Clean up system files to display system files (including the Windows.old folder).

  5. Tick ​​on Previous Windows Installation and uncheck the other options.

  6. The last step, click the button OK to start deleting it.

When pressing the button “OKβ€œ, usually a confirmation dialog will appear twice to delete it. So just continue by pressing the option β€œYES“. After that wait until the process is complete.

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The final word

If you are a Windows 10 user, I recommend using the main method because it is more effective. While this alternative method is specifically for Windows 10 OS and below.

Deleting the Windows.old folder should be done a week/month after the update on the computer to make sure the version you are currently using really doesn’t have any errors. So after the Windows version is updated don’t immediately delete this folder.

Why so? Because this folder will be used to restore the Windows version to the previous version if it is felt that the current version (has been updated) has a fatal error.

So give it a week or a month after the update to make sure the new version of Windows really doesn’t have any errors. That’s all I can give you, if you have any other questions, feel free to comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck