How to see who viewed our profile on tiktok 2022

Assalamualikum wb. See you again in Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will discuss how to see who viewed our profile on TikTok.

How to see who viewed our profile on tiktok is actually very easy, currently tiktok has the latest feature where we can find out who viewed our profile or our profile points on tiktok.

This of course makes tiktok users know who often peek at our tiktok profiles.

Tiktok is a social media that has many users, and on tiktok we can create our hobbies in the form of short videos or even make live streaming greeting our fans. Many people like this tiktok application. Even the DJ itself is usually the most viral, of course.

Tiktok itself has a shopping feature too, you know, where tiktok users can also shop online on this tiktok and can see price details. tiktok is an application that provides a variety of interesting videos and is liked by many.

So don’t be surprised if TikTok is currently widely used among teenagers and many of its users also like it, by sharing interesting features in this TikTok application.

And for how to see who has seen our profile photo, it’s very easy. Here’s how to activate the menu who often sees our profile photo on tiktok.

First, make sure your application is updated, if not, please update it for your tiktok application.

And if you have updated to the latest version, you will see a logo like an eye on your profile page, then just click on the eye logo.

And select activate, and after that later you can check who viewed our profile on tiktok it will be detected and open of course.

If on your tiktok there is no eye logo on the top right, then we must update your tiktok to the latest version, friend.

Then this time we will discuss how to make your TikTok video a lot of viewers without us having to promote it.

The most interesting thing is for those of you who want the video to get a lot of views without us having to promote it, it’s actually very easy.

The first step is to prepare the video that you want to upload to tiktok, then open your tiktok, then look for the video that has a lot of likes. then tap on the rotating music icon, which we can use the music, tap on the rotating music menu. use this sound. And if you do, don’t forget the music we use, we reduce it to just 2%, bro, which means we still use the music we use but for videos we ride on other music.

This is proven to increase the audience on your video when you use this trick, so without the promotion of our tiktok video, there will also be a lot of viewers.

That’s the discussion on how to see who viewed our profile on tiktok, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.