How to sell opensea free NFT photos

Assalamualikum wb hello all friends, see you again with mimin. Well this time we will discuss how to sell photos or images on opensea which are viral at the moment, friend.

Here Mimin also learns to sell Mimin’s work. To see it, you can check it here

Let’s just go straight to the discussion, friend, the first step is to create a wallet, friend, I suggest using a metassk wallet, friend, to make it easier.

Make sure you have created a metask wallet wallet.

The next step is to click on your google chrome then just type opensea.

Later there will be two menu options where there is an explore and create menu.

Then my friend select create then select the address address metamasknya wallet. And we will be transferred to the opensea menu, friend.

Then you just need to upload pictures, videos, mp3, or others, you can also upload them on Opensea.

Then prepare the file or photo that you want to upload or sell, just click on the first box, friend. Then it will be transferred to the gallery and just select the photo or image that will be used,

Then this is the name of the image in the first column, then fill in the description of the image that you uploaded.

Now you will be asked for a website, if there is no friend, you can just leave it blank.

Then select the ethereum menu and click on it then replace polygon. So why do we change polygons so we can use the free ones, friend.

If you use eth then you will pay, so we just choose the polygon for the free one.

Meanwhile, my friend clicks on the menu at the bottom, my friend will go directly to the opensea, friend.

Then you can also share directly to the social media that you have, if you don’t want to share, please just click on the sign (X) at the top.

Then if you have determined the price of the image that you want to sell, and for the price in digital ethereum form, then there will be an estimated dollar at the bottom right, friend.

After you fill in the price, then specify the time, friend, where on the website it says one month. Well, you can also replace it or leave it alone.

Then click next and it will immediately upload the image that we made earlier, friend.

Now for the free ones, don’t forget to change the eth to a polygon, bro.

Well then just wait until someone wants to buy our picture, friend.

Now, to see your digital funds, you can click on the three line menu in the top right corner, friend. Then select my wallet.

So if there is already a hang to buy our picture, the digital money will go into our metamask wallet, friend.

To withdraw it is also quite easy, friend, just enter the metamask application then select the send menu and just paste your wallet.

Can use, Indodax, Tokocrypto, Trustwallet etc.

Just do share, then from the wallet, you can exchange it for rupiah.

Pretty easy isn’t it!!

The next step, we just have to wait and see if we sell it, friend, the point is we have to be patient.

Okay, that’s how to sell free nft photos on opensea, which is viral, friend.

Hopefully this little article can help friends who want to be able to register on NFT, okay?

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