How to Send Free SMS to All Operators 2022 – Now is an era that is easy to communicate, either by relying on social media applications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, BBM, Facebook, and Line.

We can enjoy the feature of sending free messages anywhere and wherever as long as we have a capable cellphone. Unlike in the past, those who had to pay or package certain packages could only use them free sms features.

This time the admin will provide a guide on how you can use to text for free. You can find several free sms applications along with how to use free sms with media services from certain websites.

But usually what people today use more often is the service of the android application, because it is easier to use. Simply by downloading certain applications, we can enjoy free sms as much as we like.

Does that mean the free sms method is only for android, bro?

Eits wait, for those of you non-Android users, don’t worry, because there is also a way to do it free SMS without an android application, namely by using the internet network only to take advantage of second parties from certain sites.

By visiting the site, you will immediately be able to send SMS for free. This method can be used by all Indonesian operators, so for those of you who want to do it, please do the way the admin provides.

There are two ways that admin can give how to send free sms for all operators, that is; using applications and non-applications.

How to Free SMS Via Android

There are so many android applications that can be used to get free sms without credit, but the admin here will choose only a few applications that we think are the best compared to others. Here are 3 applications that we have listed for all of you, please see and try;

SMS @me

SMS @me is an application that can be used for free sms along with free calls with good quality and supports all Indonesian operators. The great thing about this application is that we can use this application even though the signal is still down, the admin just takes the 2G signal for example. So even if the signal is bad you can still use this application. For those of you who want to know how, please see below:

  • First of all, please download the @tme SMS application first with Click here to download.
  • Then install until it is installed.
  • Then register an account using the registration form provided.
  • After that login using the account that we registered earlier.
  • After successfully logging in, all you have to do is execute it by entering the contents of the message you want to send and the destination number.
  • If it’s finished, then just click the send button then your sms will be sent directly successfully

SMS sin

An SMS application made by a local developer, which has been trusted by more than 400 thousand android users throughout Indonesia. SMS Sin app has been proven to send free text messages or SMS at no cost. This application allows you to send free text messages to all operators in Indonesia via an internet connection. So don’t ever think that without internet you can send SMS.

How to use it is quite easy, you need to download the application first here. Next we just have to fill in some forms when the Habibihza app is installed. we only need to fill in the phone number and fill in the message. Since this application uses the random number SMS function to use it, the sender must include the name at the end of the message so that the recipient knows that the message is an SMS from the person’s initials.

free sms

Not only used by users from Russia, applications made by QBE Soft can also be supported to send free SMS to users in various countries, including Indonesia. To use it, you can try it using your Android device, which needs to be supported by the internet network to send unlimited messages to all operators.

How to use it is quite simple, you need to download the application first here. then you just need to enter the destination number along with the text message you want to send. Don’t forget to include the sender’s name at the end of the message so the recipient knows that we sent the message.

How to Free SMS Via the Internet

There are many sites that provide free SMS out there. And the admin thinks that by providing some sites that the admin knows might make it easier for you to use the media to be used as free sms, so below the admin provides many sites that you can try.


Well below is an example of how to use free sms using the site, and can be used as an example of using free sms. Please see how:

  • Please visit the site
  • Next, swipe down to enter the cellphone number and in the SMS column provided.
  • Then, enter the short text you want to send.
  • Then click the send button.
  • Wait for the SMS alert that will be sent if the sms has been sent correctly.

Julybe that’s all we can say regarding how to send free sms for all operatorsusing the two methods above, hopefully the article above can be useful for those of you who want to use free sms.

Thank you for visiting the blog all-free In this case, don’t forget that you can also provide criticism, suggestions and comments about the posts that the admin uploaded on this occasion, good luck and greetings to free hunters.