How to Send Shopee Voucher to Another Account, Is it Possible? This is the answer

Free – Shopee application users may have thought of sending vouchers to other accounts belonging to friends, family, girlfriends, or mistresses but don’t know how.
Then, is it possible to send free shipping vouchers, discounts, Shopee promos to other accounts?

If this is what you are questioning, then below we will provide an explanation regarding whether or not you can transfer shopee vouchers to another account. Therefore, please read carefully to find out the answers to the questions above.

How to Send Shopee Voucher to Another Account, Is it Possible?

Shopee vouchers are one of the promotional features carried out by the Shopee application and seller center to attract sellers and buyers who transact in this online marketplace application.

Only the Seller Center and the Shopee application can arrange various types of discounts and cashbacks for sellers and buyers to increase sales engagement this marketplace application.

Sellers can create a ‘Shop Voucher’ which is valid for all products or a ‘Product Voucher’ which is only valid for some products. Even sellers can also give vouchers in the form of ‘Shopee Coins’ cashback. Of course, the seller determines the amount.

Buyers can claim Store Vouchers via the shop page. However, if the voucher quota has been claimed, it will automatically disappear from the ‘My Store’ page.

Additional notes, the use of Shop Vouchers that have been claimed is the sole responsibility of the shop owner or seller. The use of the Shop Voucher that has been claimed will be the sole responsibility of the Seller. If it has not been claimed, the voucher will always be shown to the buyer, unless the voucher quota has been exhausted or expired.

Can All Types of Shopee Vouchers Be Sent To Another Account?

For those of you who want to find a way to send Shopee vouchers to other accounts, you may have to lock up the intention. Because so far we have not found a YouTube tutorial or site that provides an explanation related to this.

The reason is, in the application itself, the option to send vouchers to other Shopee application users does not exist. In fact it may not even be realized. Because, in some cases Shopee vouchers such as discounts or free shipping are only intended for certain customers.

It’s just that you can outsmart it by doing checkout for the intended person, of course, use the free shipping voucher in your Shopeemu account. So, the voucher can be used according to other people’s requests, even through your Shopeemu account.

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That’s a brief explanation regarding whether or not you can send Shopee vouchers to other accounts. We hope that some of the information we provide is useful for you. Especially for shopee users who are thinking about how to send this Shopee voucher. Thank you and hopefully useful.