How To Send & Withdraw Money In Western Union (Wu)

Western Union, yes many people know this name is the largest money transfer service in the world. Almost in most countries in the world use western Union services for shipping services or financial transfers. The Western Union Company or often abbreviated as WU is a multinational company headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, United States. The company was founded in 1851. Produces a wide range of financial services. Having served for more than 150 years has resulted in this company being the world’s largest service company for remittances.

In July 2009, Western Union announced its plans to acquire Custom House from Peter Gustavson. This purchase ended in September 2009, with Western Union buying Custom House for US$370 million. Upon this Acquisition, Custom House changed its name to Western Union Business Solutions. In July 2011, Western Union acquired a 100% stake in Angelo Costa, a money transfer company. Angelo Costa already has 7,500 distributors in various countries in Europe. In July 2011, Western Union acquired Travelex’s Global Business Payments division for £606 million. In October 2011, Western Union completed the acquisition of Finint Srl, one of Western Union’s European money transfer business partners, with 10,000 distributors in Italy, Spain and the UK. and currently WU services have spread in almost most countries in the world with tens of thousands of employees.

WU is the best money transfer service between cities and between countries and around the world. In contrast to local banks in Indonesia, WU does not limit money transfers to only one country but to various countries. So you can make transfers easily even if the distance stretches to thousands of miles even using WU. So, here are some of the most common advantages of this money transfer service:

Instant remittance, this means you send or transfer your money today and it has been verified then your money will be sent automatically in seconds. WU guarantees customers to send money very quickly, it only takes seconds, so the money you send can be directly taken by the recipient or the intended person.

Wider area coverage to more than 200 countries in the world. That way, you don’t have to worry if western union serves limited delivery services.

  • You can transfer money or send money anywhere, anywhere without having to open or have a bank account.
  • WU or western union is included in the safe and convenient remittance. This is because WU has a fairly strict security system for the convenience of its customers.
  • Transfers via WU are also very cheap, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of sending money transfer fees to various countries. In addition, people who earn money are not charged a penny.
  • Remittance via Western Union does not require a minimum amount of money. So you can send whatever money you want.

How to send money via Western Union in Indonesia
Actually, how to send or transfer money via western union is the same, but in certain countries, of course, there are certain policies or laws to use this money transfer service, so here are some ways to send or transfer money in Wu in Indonesia.

  • The first thing you do is bring the money you want to send
  • Prepare an identity such as an ID card / passport (which is still valid) and also prepare a photocopy of 1 sheet
  • Come directly to the Western Union office or directly to offices that work together or relate to this delivery service, to find out, just pay attention to the Western Union logo like in the POS office, Bank and others
  • Go to the clerk and tell them you want to send money via western union.
  • Fill in the ‘money transfer form’ given by the officer and fill it with capital characters
  • Attach the money along with the transfer fee and give it to the officer and show a valid identity card.
  • Sign the transaction receipt and you will get a Money Transfer Transaction Number (MTCN)
  • After you make a transaction, you can immediately confirm your delivery data to the recipient, such as data in the form of the sender’s name, the amount of money you sent, the name of the country of origin, along with instructions for transferring or sending money.
  • Contact the person you want to send money to and convey the secret transaction number (MTCN) and ask to immediately pick up the money at the nearest office (don’t tell MTCN directions to anyone other than the intended person)

How to get money through Western Union in Indonesia
Above we have discussed how to send money through WU money transfer services, and I often use this money withdrawal service, one of which is to take my paycheck from Google Adsense. Now is the time to discuss ways to get money from WU like the following:

  • Prepare the following important data and letters:
  • Sender’s full name (first, middle and last name).
  • Country of origin of remittance.
  • The amount of money sent.
  • Money Transfer Transaction Number (MTCN).
  • You can get all this information from money senders, for agencies or business bodies, for example Google Adsense will previously send an email containing the data you need to withdraw money from Western Union or WU.
  • Your original valid identity card complete with a photo or a valid passport (for foreigners), also prepare a photocopy of one sheet.
  • Come to the nearest western union office, for example at the POS office, bank or other office that works with Western Union.
  • Meet the clerk that you want to withdraw money.
  • Fill in the ‘money receipt form’ and give it to the clerk
  • Sign the proof of transaction
  • Your money is liquid!

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