How to Set AutoRecovery in Microsoft Word

Hello friends, one of the problems that we often do when using Microsoft Word is that the worksheet closes immediately even though we have not saved the document that we have created. This can happen, for example, we accidentally close the worksheet, the electricity suddenly goes out, the computer we use suddenly crashes and so on.

Of course this will be very inconvenient, especially if we have typed at length and even have reached several pages but the document is not saved because of some problems that occur.

For this reason, the AutoRecovery feature in Microsoft Word is very important to maximize its use.

AutoRecovery is an automatic save in Microsoft Word where Microsoft Word will automatically save the file that we have typed for some time even though we have not saved it on our computer.

Let’s say we have set AutoRecovery to 15 minutes. This means that Microsoft Word will automatically save your worksheet for every 15 minutes. If you feel that 15 minutes is too long, then you can set it faster. Or you feel that 15 minutes is too fast, then you can set it to be longer for Microsoft Word to do AutoRecovery.

So how do you set up AutoRecovery in Microsoft Word? On this occasion, I will share a few tips and how to Set AutoRecovery in Microsoft Word. Please see the explanation below.

  1. First of all please open the button Office Button then click Word Options
  2. In Word Options, please select Save
  3. Next in Save AutoRecovery Information Ever please fill in the recovery time you want. For example, I want the recovery time every 15 minutes.
  4. To make it easier to find AutoRecovery in storage, you can set the storage location in AutoRecovery File Location.
  5. Now if everything is set, please click OK

If you have set the AutoRecovery time, Microsoft Word will save your document every 15 minutes in the location you have set.

Tips for Setting AutoRecovery in Microsoft Word

A few tips for you in determining how long the AutoRecovery will take, you should not set the recovery time too small because for large documents it takes some time and consumes slightly larger computer resources and will affect the performance of the computer you will use.

I think that’s a little information that I can share about How and Tips to Set AutoRecovery in Microsoft Word. Hopefully this article can help a little and give you an understanding of the things that are important to pay attention to in Microsoft Word. That is all and thank you.

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