How to set Facebook so that it is not marked 2022

The Facebook application is a social media application that has many users, especially in Indonesia.

This application is also an application for sharing photos, status and others and even shopping can also be done through this application.

So what if we want other people not to tag us in their posts,

Of course, in every status or posting, we are usually always marked with family friends in the post, how can we not be marked by people without our permission.

Let’s discuss!

In the Facebook settings, there is actually a way so that we are not marked without our permission, friends, in fact the method is quite midah, friends, so that we are not marked in their posts,

For those of you who want this, it’s not easy to mark in posts or grob on fb, you can do something like this:

The first step

1) open the fb application, you can use facebook mobile or fb lite, then enter the settings section,

Then select the “profile and tagging” menu as in the example in the image below:

Then click on the tagging menu, and for the next

There will be a menu like below

A sign review menu will appear that people added to the post, there you activate it, then the settings below you can also activate it,

So other people will mark you it will appear in your fb notification, if you agree then the post will appear and if it is not approved by you then the post will not appear.

For the above method, Mimin uses fb lite, friend, you can also use this method so that it is not easy to mark someone,

Hopefully helpful, and thank you