How to Set Keyboard Shortcuts in Opera Browser

Every browser has a shortcut or shortcut that is useful to speed up the action when browsing on the internet. Examples include opening links in new tabs, closing tabs, and downloading content on the page.

In some browsers sometimes have in common in performing these shortcut actions, such as in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, all three have some of the same shortcuts in actions against tabs.

In the Opera browser, users can set yourself shortcut that feels most comfortable and commonly used. So for new Opera users, maybe this will be very useful so that comfort can still be felt.

Setting Shortcuts in Opera Browser

You can set all the shortcuts without any limitations. You can even set alternative keys for a shortcut. And by default, there are some unset shortcuts.

Immediately following the procedure for setting shortcuts in Opera:

  1. Open the Opera browser.

  2. Click button Menu.

  3. Then click menu Settings.

    Click Menu Settings

  4. Click Advanced and select menu Browser.

    Go to Browser Menu

  5. Scroll down and click menu Configure Shortcuts.

    Click the Configure Shortcut Menu

  6. Then select a shortcut, click the button Type a Shortcut.

    Setting Shortcuts in Opera

  7. After that combine the keys on the keyboard to create a shortcut for that shortcut.

  8. If so, restart the Opera browser and try a new shortcut.

You can also delete old shortcuts by pressing options X on the selected key combination. So after setting it up, it is highly recommended to restart the browser so that the shortcut is updated.

Reset Shortcuts in Opera

Sometimes users set the wrong combination for some shortcuts, but Opera has also provided options for reset all shortcuts to return to using the browser’s original key combination.

The method is very simple, you just need to click the button Reset all and then all the shortcuts will return to their original state.

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Opera gives the freedom for all users to set the shortcut as desired. It aims to keep users comfortable and familiar with Opera, especially for those who have just switched browsers.

In addition, before ending, if you can’t set a key combination on one shortcut, it’s likely that the key combination has been used previously in another shortcut. For that please check again.

Hopefully useful and good luck