How to Set S-Pen Button on Samsung

The S Pen or Stylus Pen found on Samsung Galaxy Note phones has a button that functions as a remote control. It can be used to make presentations, take pictures, open applications, and many other things.

The action of the S Pen button can be customized as needed. Of course to do that, the S Pen must be connected to the device. And also make sure you use the original S Pen from the cellphone.

In this article I want to share the procedure for setting the Stylus Pen button. I’m currently using Note 9 which I don’t think has a significant difference from other versions of Note, as long as it’s still using One UI.

Setting the S Pen Button on Samsung Note

Without much more words, here are the steps to set the Stylus Pen button, please listen carefully.

  1. Open the Notification Panel.

  2. Long press on the S Pen icon.

  3. In this section you can set the action of the S Pen button.

You can start by setting the section Hold Pen Button. There will appear many things that you can choose when you long press the S Pen button later. For example, such as opening the camera application.

Pen Button Hold Settings

Then at the bottom there is an option “Application Action” specified for a supported application. An example is Gallery. So you can set the action when the button is pressed, or pressed twice.

Application Action Settings in S Pen

Continue at the bottom again, there is an option called “General Actions“. There are only two options for now, namely setting up the camera and media. You can change that action and even disable it.

Common Actions on a Samsung Stylus Pen

Solution No S Pen Icon in Notification Panel

In connection with the tutorial above, it is explained through the Notification Panel to go to the S Pen configuration section. But if you don’t see the icon on your phone, the solution is to access it from the settings.

Please head to Arrangement > Advanced Features > S Pen. As long as the Stylus Pen is connected, of course the configuration will appear immediately when you go to the menu.

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Besides being used to take notes or draw something on your phone, the Stylus Pen has buttons that are very useful for many things. So that doing everything remotely can be as easy as having remote control.

This article was created when One UI was still on version 2.1. So who knows for the next version there will be another new feature for this button.

Hopefully useful and good luck