How to Set Screen Touch Sensitivity on Android

The touch sensitivity of the screen greatly affects the use of mobile phones. And setting it up properly will certainly add to its own convenience, so users can feel at home continuing to use it.

The difference in touch sensitivity on the screen can sometimes be felt after using tempered glass or something screen guard. It sometimes feels less sensitive, so it is difficult to move it.

To overcome this, you only need to adjust the touch sensitivity of the screen. And all Android phones have same way to do it.

Setting Android Screen Touch Sensitivity

The features that will be used to set it up are pointer speed, which is actually used for the mouse. But on most phones, it also affects the touch sensitivity of the screen. Here’s how:

  1. Please go to Arrangement.

  2. Tap on menu Language and Input.

  3. Next scroll down and look at the Pointer Speed.

    Setting Screen Touch Sensitivity on Android

  4. Please swipe left to decrease the sensitivity, and swipe right to increase it.

After that try to feel the difference from before. If the touch sensitivity feels different, it means that the above method has been successfully applied to the cellphone. Meanwhile, if you feel there is no difference at all, please continue to the next method.

Enabling Screen Touch Sensitivity from the Phone’s Built-in Features

Some phones have a built-in feature to enable screen touch sensitivity. It’s usually in Arrangement > Appearance. Here’s an example on a Samsung phone.

Enabling Screen Touch Sensitivity in Samsung Settings

If it’s not in the View section, try to use the search feature in the settings. Please search by keyword “screen sensitivity“. If the feature is indeed available, the menu will certainly appear.

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The first method above can be applied to all Android phones, but does not guarantee that it will work for some phones. Meanwhile, the second method can only be applied to some cellphones, and it is guaranteed to work.

Actually there are additional ways specifically for mobile phones rooted, it’s just that it’s a little risky, considering that not all ROMs support it. So I don’t intend to add it.

If you ask whether the two methods above are safe or not? The answer is 100% SAFE. Because this only adjusts the sensitivity and you can still return it to the original if you feel uncomfortable.

Hopefully useful and good luck