How to Set Time Zone on WordPress Site

The time zone setting found on a WordPress site is extremely useful, both for displaying accurate time to visitors and on search engines as well. If the time zone is set incorrectly, of course, the time of publishing articles on the website is inaccurate and may confuse visitors.

Incorrect time zone setting also has an impact on scheduled articles. Enable the article not published on time as set. That is why it is very important for you to set this time zone correctly.

The average WordPress site you just created, for example through a website hostingdoes not have the correct time zone setting and is set as UTC+0. Meanwhile, what you need to set for the time in Indonesia is UTC+7. And in this article I will share how to change it.

Tutorial on Setting Time Zone in WordPress

No need to wait any longer, here’s an easy way to set the correct time zone on your WordPress site:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard page.

  2. Then click on the menu Arrangement.

    Click Settings Menu

  3. Then select on the menu General.

    Select General Menu

  4. After that scroll down and find the option Time Zone.

    Setting Time Zone in WordPress

  5. Please set it to UTC+7.

  6. The last stage, please click the button Simpan Perubahan.

    Saving Time Zone Settings on a WordPress Site

Now you have successfully set the time zone on your WordPress site. Actually, the latest version of WordPress also provides city-based time zones in each country, you can also choose as Jakarta.

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When the time zone is set correctly, now all the time information on your website will be available 100% accurate. Examples are the time of publishing articles, redirecting articles, uploading media, adding comments, and so on.

It’s different if you set the time zone incorrectly, of course this will be confusing for some users because they can’t know the exact time they have done related to things on the site.

Hopefully useful and good luck