How to Set Up Emergency Message (SOS) on Samsung Phones

Every cell phone has the option to make an emergency call. But some of it has a different way of doing it. But all of that can be applied directly even if the phone screen is locked. But have you ever heard of emergency messages?

Common emergency messages are also known as SOS messages. Its functionality is similar to that of an emergency call, except that it will send a text to the selected destination number. While on Samsung phones, this emergency message will send a message in the form of a MMS to the destination number.

Activating this SOS Message is actually very important, so you can use it in the most emergency conditions. And in this article I will explain how to activate and also use it.

Activating the Emergency Message Feature on Samsung

Make sure the Samsung phone you are using has used One UI in order to enable this feature. Julybe not all Samsung phones support the SOS messaging feature, but it never hurts to try.

  1. Please go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Advanced Features.

    Tap Advanced Features Menu

  3. Scroll down and tap menu Send SOS Message.

    Tap Menu Send SOS Message

  4. Now enable it on SOS Messages. And if the approval dialog appears, please continue tapping the option Agree.

  5. After that, a dialog to add message recipients will appear. Please tap on option Add.

    Setting up SOS Messages on Samsung

  6. Then select the contact number you want to add. Maximum of 4 contacts.

    Selecting Recipient Destination Number

  7. Done. now the SOS message has been successfully activated.

How to Use Emergency Message

After the feature has been activated. Now you can use it by pressing the power button three times quickly. Then the phone system will silently start sending the emergency message to the pre-selected contact number.

You can apply this method directly even if the phone is in a locked screen state. So this way will not invite soundand you don’t have to take long to unlock your phone first.

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What Does the SOS Message Send to the Recipient Number?

By default, the recipient will receive a text message as well as two other things. The two things include camera photos (front & back), and 5 seconds of voice recording in current conditions.

That way, the recipient will know exactly what happened to you. In addition, you can also disable one of the two things I mentioned above. But it would be even better if it was still enabled.

As a suggestion, try sending this emergency/SOS message to one recipient first to test first. So you can find out how this feature works in more detail.

Hopefully useful and good luck