How to Share Location or Shareloc on WhatsApp

Every year there is always a new feature in WhatsApp, which allows all users to still feel at home using this application to communicate. The conversation features on WhatsApp are also quite complete, and users can even share their current location with friends around them.

Sharing a location or what is commonly called “shareloc” is the easiest way to provide accurate access to the user’s current location. So that the recipient can find out the user’s location through the maps application used.

For example, giving the location to the package delivery person (courier) so that they can find their house easily without wrong address.

How to Share Location (Shareloc) on WhatsApp

  1. In a WhatsApp conversation, tap Attachment icon.

    Tap Attachment Icon

  2. Then select menu Location.

    Select the Location menu

  3. Wait until the Map shows your current location.

    Waiting for the Map to Appear

  4. And if you have, tap on the option Send your current location.

    Tap Option Send Your Current Location

  5. Done, now the recipient of the message can know your current location accurately.

    How to Share Location on WhatsApp

It is important to wait for the map to load before hitting the submit location option. This is so that the location obtained can be accurate. You can also see your current location on the blue radar section. And that’s what will be sent later.

Why Does GPS Off Notification Appear?

Some users may experience problems where notifications “GPS is not active” suddenly. This is because the Location feature on the phone is not turned on. So the solution is to turn on the location.

When you press option OK after the notification appears, of course it will be immediately redirected to the location settings. So please activate the location feature there and then return to WhatsApp, then repeat the steps above.

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Solution for Inaccurate Location Sharing on WhatsApp

If the location you share isn’t accurate, that’s a sign that the location settings on the phone are set as battery saving. So the solution is to change it to very high mode.

Please go to Arrangement > Location. And on options Level of accuracy please set as Tall.

Enable High Accuracy Location for WhatsApp

Julybe some phones have a different menu, but the location accuracy setting is there. And sometimes you are also asked to activate Bluetooth or WiFi to detect the location more accurately.

If there are other things you want to ask about location sharing on WhatsApp, please comment directly in the column provided below.

Hopefully useful and good luck