How to shoot a crush on wa

Peace be upon you, my friend, see you again with Mimin, now this time we will discuss how to shoot crush on wa.

Actually shooting via whatsapp is indeed much sought after, friend, hehe instead of shooting directly, and honestly shooting a girlfriend on wa or asking for a date is not an easy thing, but rather than being late or being chased by someone else, then we go first.

If not, then we will never know whether his heart is the same, with us or not. Right, at least you have an answer, rather than the feeling of being hanged? It’s not good

And being able to know the answer from someone we like. So, if there is an answer, we will be relieved. Instead of being curious, right!

Well, according to Mimin, to anticipate being rejected, it’s better to just use whatsapp, right. If it’s rejected, we don’t look like people, just use wa. Hehe

Wow, this is specifically for those who are in love, or those who are far in love, so if you are old, don’t be slack, you can express your feelings without any hesitation.

To see if the person we like, we can actually see from the eye movements, gaze and expression when they come to meet or when they meet us.

Well usually if someone feels love or likes us, usually when they meet they will feel embarrassed or can be said to be embarrassed but willing.

Before shooting your boyfriend or crush, make sure his movements will be read, well if he has more attention to us, it already shows a strong signal that he likes us, but maybe he can’t be honest, or wait for us to shoot first..

Well the point is if you want to shoot at wa, with words, yes, you can, hal

Well a few things you need to know when you want to shoot via wa or whatsapp


So from the above understanding, it can be concluded that we don’t need too much small talk, meaning that we can go directly to the things we want to go to, for example, directly ask us what it feels like.


Well, this is necessary so that the atmosphere is not tense, you can make a ball first, so that the atmosphere is not tense, once or twice just for a distraction so it’s not too serious.

Then go straight to the point, which can directly express your feelings. with slightly touching words so that you are accepted. accepted, thank you for being able to get the right person, we love the point like that.


a little extra for friends who want to keep their relationship together, my advice is not to prohibit, or limit our boyfriends, don’t be jealous, don’t be selfish, have to understand each other and take care of yourself or take care of each other’s feelings. And the most important thing is to keep your emotions in check. Well, usually when you’re in a relationship, the air is jealous, now the most important thing is to trust each other. That’s the main thing.

What must be avoided so as not to be too bored is to avoid texting or chatting continuously, sometimes we love it so much that we will chat with our girlfriends, so according to Mimin, don’t talk too much. Usually if we ask too many questions or chat every day it will cause boredom, now that’s all that matters. In order not to be bored with each other, watch out for texting or calling problems, so the point is like that.

A relationship will last or last if you keep each other’s feelings and trust each other.

That’s the discussion of how to shoot via wa. Hopefully what I say can be useful for all of you, more or less I beg ma’ff and thank you.