How to Shop at Alfagift COD or Pick Up at the Store – For Alfamart customers who want to try using the Alfagift application to buy products or goods but don’t know how. Julybe this article can help you do that.

Alfagift is the official application published by Alfamart. This application can be used to shop online without the need to go to the minimarket where you usually use it for purchasing transactions for various needs.

Besides being used for shopping, Alfagift also provides information related to product promos, shopping vouchers, the location of the nearest store, as well as various payment methods that you can use.

Well, below we will provide info on how to shop at Alfagift Alfamart either using the system cash on delivery (COD) or go directly to the destination store. Here, see the full explanation. Also Read: Alfagift 2022 Referral Code

Shop at Alfagift

Customers who do not have time to purchase products or goods at Alfamart directly. You can use the Alfagift application to make payments online or at home.

This application provides a payment feature at home or the nearest Alfamart store. Various Alfamart products are available at Alfagift, from snacks, staple foods, and other products.

Not only a variety of products, Alfagift also provides various payment methods for potential buyers. Either use online like a bank, digital money, or cash like COD.

This application, which can be downloaded on the Play Store and App Store, also provides points and vouchers for customers who frequently make transactions through Alfagift Alfamart.

For Alfamart customers who want to try using Alfagift for shopping. Below we will provide a guide. Please see the article below to be able to shop through the Alfagift application.

How to Shop at Alfagift

Here are the steps for shopping through Alfagift, either using the COD feature or paying on the spot or directly to the store. Please see the guide.


  • Please log in to the Alfagift application account.
  • On the main page, more precisely on the application homepage, please click the ‘Product’ icon to search for the product you want to buy.
  • In the search field with the words ‘find your favorite product here’, please search for the product you want to buy. For example Garnier
  • When you have written the desired product, please select one of the desired products by clicking the ‘+ Basket’ icon.
  • Product details will appear along with options for the number of items you want to buy.
  • If you have set it, please click +Basket again.
  • Two shipping methods will appear, namely ‘your order will be sent directly to your home’ or ‘pick up your order at the nearest Alfamart’.
  • At this stage potential buyers need to enter an address, make sure the ‘Maps’ or ‘Your home location’ feature is active.
  • Prospective buyers will be asked to complete address information, such as: Address details: Write the name of the street, office, floor\no. Label: write house, boarding house, office etc. Recipient’s name. And also Mobile phone number.
  • Don’t forget to click on the ‘Select Location point’ option. To detect the real address of the buyer’s house.
  • If you have clicked ‘Save’.

Via Pay Online

  • Enter the Alfagift app
  • Click the Products menu, then write the product you want to buy in the search field.
  • Once found, click
  • The next step, please click the ‘PickUp’ option to see a list of the nearest Alfamart.
  • Press one of the Alfamart stores, complete with the location of the minimarket.
  • The goods will be delivered directly to your home.
  • If using the +Basket method.
  • Details of the item will appear and also how many products you want to buy.
  • Then, click +Basket again.
  • Please select a Shipping Method.
  • Set the destination location, and please select the desired payment method.
  • Various payment methods are available, including bank or the Virgo Alfamart application.
  • Click ‘Pay’ and wait for the goods to arrive home.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to shop at Alfagift 2022 in various ways. Now you know how to shop on Alfamart’s official app. Please follow the guide above to buy an item.

If you want to shop more efficiently, buyers can use the Alfagift voucher that you have so that the price you need to pay is cheaper. Thank you and hopefully useful