How to Shop Tiktok Shop Cod

How to Shop Tiktok Shop Cod_Tiktok shop is an online shopping feature that currently has this tiktok application, this makes it easier for users on tiktok to shop online or COD at this tiktok shop. How to shop for tiktok shop cod maybe for those of you who don’t know how to shop how you can follow this article to the end.

Tiktok shop is the second tiktok monetization feature, where the monetization feature is a way for users to make money on tiktok by joining the tiktok affiliate program, tiktoo shop. .as users we can make money without a penny of capital on this tiktok. by joining this affiliate tiktok. If you join this affiliate tiktok shop, you only have to have 2000 followers, you can join the tiktok affiliate program.

If you have fulfilled the requirements to have 2000 followers, you can register for the tiktok affiliate tiktok shop. For how to join the tiktok affiliate the method is very easy.

You just tap on the creator menu icon, tap on the menu section on the top right, select the monetization menu and select the tiktok shop menu in the second position.

For how to register for a tiktok shop affiliate, you just tap on the tiktok shop menu, tap on the red menu or the “join” menu then you will automatically join tiktok afiliate. and can bring up a yellow basket on your tiktok profile. in the add product section and select the red color menu to add tiktok shop products to your tiktok profile basket. If your tiktok shop basket sells, you will get the commission.

To check the tiktok affiliate commission feature, open your tiktok shop, swipe down and you can find the commission menu in the tiktok shop section, if you have already received the commission then you can withdraw it to your bank transfer account.

How to Shop Tiktok Shop Cod

Shopping for tiktok shop COD is a choice that many people like because this cod feature just arrives and we pay for it, and of course it makes customers comfortable, so many people are interested in this tiktok shop cod feature. type in the keyword “COD” In the search icon section, there will be many products listed as COD that you can get, if not usually in the tiktok shop itself, the item menu image will also be available. The COD feature menu will also be available so you can also choose a product labeled COD . Tiktok shop itself prepares online payments and cod payments but it is undeniable that the tiktok cod version is more interested in tiktok users. To get items with the cod version on tiktok you can search for products with the cod label then you can order items at the tiktok shop using the COD version .

How to Shop Tiktok Shop Cod

First, make sure you already have the TikTok application, if not, please get TikTok on your mobile play store. And for iPhones, you can get it in the App Store.

After that you can open your tiktok application, if it’s new, please create your tiktok account first.

Search for items in your tiktok shop, you can also directly buy products from the seller directly or look at the tiktok shop itself.

After the tiktok shop product you want to buy is found, you can just tap on the picture menu and tap on the “buy now” menu section located at the bottom right of the tiktok shop product

After that you will be directed to the “Order summary” menu in this section you can fill in your complete information address. If confused, you can use an ID card to fill in your identity so that the goods arrive at our destination. In this section we can also add payment methods, set the number of items and add notes.

And for payments with the COD version, you can enter the “payment method” menu section. And in this section you can change it to the COD version. Then a “continue” button will appear or continue and you just tap the continue button.

Then you can just tap on the “place order” option at the bottom of the screen and for purchase transactions.

And automatically the tiktok shop COD product that you have chosen will be sent according to the address you sent earlier. How easy is it not the way to shop for the tiktok shop COD.

Why Tiktok Shop Can’t Cod

There are other things that you might find on tiktok, one of which cannot cod on the tiktok shop. If you experience this, don’t panic, this is usually just a classic problem on the seller’s part in the tiktok shop.

So with the term if we can’t cod on tiktok it’s usually because every tiktok seller doesn’t use or activate the COD feature, so if you can’t cod this is because the seller doesn’t activate the cod feature in the tiktok shop.

And if you want to buy the COD version of tiktok shop, make sure you buy from a seller who has activated the tiktok cod feature so you can get tiktok shop goods or products with the tiktok COD version.

Thus the discussion on How to Shop on Tiktok Shop Cod, that I can convey, I hope this short article is useful and look forward to the next article only in this article.