How to Show Keyboard on Windows Computer Screen

The keyboard or keyboard on computers and laptops has a very high role in doing many things. If it gets damaged, of course the user will have difficulties when using the computer, because they can no longer type anything in various applications or programs.

A keyboard can crash at any time, but luckily the Windows operating system provides a feature to display the on-screen keyboard. So that you can use it in emergency state and can use the mouse to select each character.

Windows names this virtual keyboard feature as OSK (On-Screen-Keyboard) which has been around for a long time. However, some users may still be confused about how to activate it without having to use the keyboard again, and only use the mouse. Don’t worry, because this article will discuss how to activate this feature.

How to Show Keyboard on PC Screen

There are two ways to display the on-screen keyboard without having to use the keyboard again. So this condition is more specifically for devices that do not have a keyboard or are experiencing damage, so they can only use a mouse. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar.

  2. Then click option Show Touch Keyboard Button.

    Click Show Touch Keyboard Option

  3. Later a keyboard icon will appear on the Toolbar section.

    Click Keyboard Icon

  4. Double-click on the icon to bring up the on-screen keyboard.

    Showing the On-Screen Keyboard

Basically the method above explains about activating touch keyboard, which is more suited for touch screen devices. But it’s the same as OSK, only has a difference, where the keyboard doesn’t float like OSK.

Enabling On Screen Keyboard Via Settings

If you don’t like the features touch keyboard because it covers the page quite wide and can’t be moved, that means what you need is this OSK feature. And to activate it is quite easy, just follow the complete method:

  1. Click START and click settings icon.

    Opening Windows Settings

  2. Then click on the menu Ease of Access.

    Click the Ease of Access Menu

  3. Next select menu Keyboard.

    Select Menu Keyboard

  4. And the final stage is to activate on the option Use the On-Screen-Keyboard.

    Enabling the On-Screen-Keyboard Feature in Windows

  5. Instantly the keyboard will immediately appear on the screen.

    Displaying Keyboard on PC Screen

When the keyboard appears, don’t press the close button (X) and just minimize it. Because if it gets closed, you have to repeat the steps above to reactivate it.

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Between Touch Keyboard and On-Screen-Keyboard have advantages and disadvantages of each. However, the most commonly used is the On-Screen-Keyboard because it is easier to operate using a mouse and also its small size responsive so you can adjust the size of the appearance according to convenience.

Meanwhile, the Touch Keyboard is more suitable for touch screen devices because of the ease of the large buttons making it easy to reach. For that, please choose whichever one suits your needs in using the on-screen keyboard.

Hopefully useful and good luck