How to Show Subtitles on Vlive 2022

All Free95 – K-POPers must be familiar with video streaming or live streaming services specifically to accommodate South Korean artists, namely Vlive.

In this platform or application, users can interact directly with the idols they worship.

Only by creating a Vlive account, and watching videos uploaded by participating artists on this platform, users can interact in a different way. chat public or private.

Talking about videos on the Vlive app. Have K-POPers ever watched a video but didn’t get subtitles in it. Julybe for some user who have studied Korean, this is not a problem.

However, what if this applies to new fans and is still new to the language of the oppas and eonni of the ginseng country. This will certainly make the fans less enjoy it, right?

Fortunately, this application also provides a translator feature that the audience can use to find out what they are talking about. For those of you, Vlive users who don’t know how to implement it. Here we make steps to display Indonesian subtitles in the latest version of Vlive on HP and PC devices.

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How to Show Vlive Subtitles

As we explained earlier, here we will provide information about displaying vlive subtitles in 2 ways, namely for cellphone and PC users. For more details, please read the tutorial below.

1. How to display subtitles on Vlive via HP

To display subtitles in the Vlive application, it is actually quite easy. There are only a few steps for users to display subtitles in this application. And, here are the steps!

  • First, please open the App and log in using your Vlive account.
  • Second, select the video you want to watch. (please select your favorite artist, boyband, or girlband).
  • Third, play the video. Then, pause the video.
  • Fourth, please look around the screen. If there is a three-dot symbol, just tap\click it.
  • Fifth, swipe down until you find the words ‘Subtitle’ or ‘CC’.
  • Sixth, at this stage the user can choose the subtitles that will be used. Vlive provides various kinds of translations in it. Including Indonesian.

We also recommend using Indonesian subtitles instead of the version ‘AUTO’. Because the language is rigid and the flow of automatic translation is sometimes confusing. So it makes the audience confused.

  • Final, play back the paused video. Then, the translation will appear at the bottom. Done

Here’s how to display subtitles in the Vlive application. Isn’t it difficult? With just a few steps, users can display the translation of the video that we watch.

Then, what if the subtitles don’t appear?

This question often arises when video viewers want to add subtitles to videos they watch live ‘live’. So that they can find out what the artists they like are saying when they are doing a live broadcast.

For information, translating what idols say in a video takes a short time. Users need to wait some time for the streaming to finish, and the Vlive team translates the video into various languages.

So, to display subtitles during a live broadcast may be a bit difficult to realize. Unless Google with all its sophistication only provides these facilities on their machine translator. That too with the results that are not ‘maximum. (you know, how about google translation!)

2. How to display subtitles on Vlive Via PC

Not much different from displaying subtitles on Vlive with a cellphone, how to display subtitles on Vilve Via PC is also easy. Users also only need to do the same as above, namely:

Log in to your Vlive account – Find the video you want to watch – Watch the video for a while, then pause the video – Look for the three-dot symbol in the paused video section – Look for the words ‘Subtitle’ or ‘CC’. Select the desired subtitle, then play the video again. Automatic subtitles or subtitles will be attached to the video. Done

Now K-POPers don’t have to worry about not understanding the video being watched, because there is already a translation attached to the streaming video.

Well, for those of you who don’t know how to download videos from Vlive, we have also provided a tutorial on how to download Vlive videos in a simple and easy way.

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That’s the information we can convey about how to display Indonesian subtitles on Vlive via HP and PC. Hopefully a little information above can be useful for you, especially for early Vlive users who don’t know how to display subtitles in this application. so and hopefully useful.