How to Solve Import Preset Error 4102 in Alight Motion – Sometimes AM application users experience various kinds of problems when using this video deitot application. One of them is the Alight Motion error 4102 notification appears.

Well, below we will provide solutions related to the AM error 4102 problem and how to solve it. For that, please refer to the explanation of this article from beginning to end so that you know the reason, and the method of solving it.

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Why Alight Motion Error 4102?

Some users of the Alight Motion Error application encountered an error in the form of error 4102. The emergence of this problem prevented users from importing presets under 5MB in size. With a notification in the form of ‘Reason. please sign in to download the project error 4102‘ in the original version.

In addition to that notification, sometimes users also find other notifications that are caused because the MOD apk subscription period may be over expired (expired) which makes some features restricted in use.

We quote this information from a tweet from a Telegram channel user who reported this problem. It says ‘Alight Motion’s annual subscription will expire so MOD users will have a bit of a problem’.

Then, with the various info and notifications that you get, how do you solve this Alight Motion Error 4102 application problem, min? Can it still be fixed or should I? updates the new one?

To answer this, we will present a guide to dealing with Alight Motion experiencing Error 4102. Please refer to the steps below so you can fix it.

How to Solve Alight Motion Error 4102

This method of handling the alight motion error 4102 is actually not that difficult. You can fix it by following the method below. Here’s how to solve the Alight Motion Error 4102 update in 2022:

  1. Please delete your Alight Motion apk modification.
  2. Re-download the latest version of MOD apk AM. If so, don’t forget to install it.
  3. When starting to register an account, please select the Profile menu.
  4. Don’t forget to agree to the personal information and terms of service, by clicking ‘agree all and continue’.
  5. If so, click ‘Login’.
  6. Login using Facebook (don’t have to, but the average person who uses a FB account is successful)
  7. Enter your Facebook account email (number) password.
  8. Lastly, come in. Done

By the way, when you log into your FB account, please clear the cache in Google Chrome first (unless you use mode) incognito). Because, it’s a way to avoid the 4102 alight motion error from repeating itself.

Alternatives to Solve Import Preset Error 4102 in Alight Motion

This is a short alternative for users of the original version or if you find that the preset import problem fails and a notification appears please sign in to download the project error 4102.
The method:

  • Go to the Profile section, then click sign in.
  • Furthermore, checklist option ‘I am 14 years and over’. Then click ‘agree all and continue’.
  • Please login using Facebook, by clicking ‘login with facebook’.
  • Enter ‘mobile number or email’ as well as ‘facebook password’.
  • If so, click ‘Continue as (facebook name)’.
  • If you have successfully logged in, please repeat the import preset that you failed to do before. So the video import activity in the Alight Motion application has been successfully carried out.

Actually, in the notification please sign in to download the project error 4102 which can be interpreted as please sign in to download the project, users can already know how to solve this 4102 error.

However, because it uses English which some people don’t know the meaning of, it might be a bit difficult to understand the error from the Alight Motion application. Also Read: How to Use Alight Motion XML Presets

That’s the information we can convey related to overcoming the 4102 error in Alight Motion. Hopefully the little information we share is useful for you, especially users of this editor application.

If the 4102 error in AM still persists, you can use another version of the modified application that works without any problems, bugs, or other things. Thank you and hopefully useful.