How to Solve Instagram (IG) Can’t Reload News Feed

How to Solve Instagram (IG) Can’t Reload News Feed – Hello koplo friends, Instagram is a social media that contains various images, videos, reels, IG TV uploaded by its users. At this time, the number of active Instagram users is very large. There is even an Instagram account that has up to 390 million followers. This account is Cristiano Ronaldo’s account.

When using the Instagram application, you can upload a photo or video to your account. Or you can just browse photos or videos uploaded by other accounts via your homepage. When you see someone else’s post on your homepage, you can like, comment, and share the post.

How to Solve Instagram (IG) Can’t Reload News Feed

How to Solve Instagram (IG) Can’t Reload News Feed

Scrolling through the Instagram homepage is a lot of fun. Because you can see photos or videos uploaded by other people on their accounts. That way, you can find out how that person’s life is. While scrolling through the Instagram homepage, have you ever experienced an error where your Instagram couldn’t load news?

Errot unable to reload news on Instagram is often experienced by Instagram users. This of course will be very annoying because if you can’t reload the news, you can’t see the latest photos or videos through your Instagram homepage.

Do you know how to fix Instagram can’t reload news? If you don’t know it yet, then you don’t need to worry, because on this occasion I will give a tutorial on how to solve Instagram not being able to reload news stories. Here is the tutorial:

Change your internet connection

One of the causes of the error not being able to reload news stories on Instagram that often occurs is a slow internet connection. We all know that when we open Instagram, the quota used will be a lot. This is because, to view photos and videos uploaded on Instagram requires a fast internet connection and a lot of data. So if you experience this error, please try to change the internet connection you are using.

Instagram app updates

Every application that you download through the Google Play Store will definitely experience updates or updates at certain times. The update aims to fix existing errors and add other new features. So, if you are still using the old version of the Instagram application, then immediately update your Instagram application via the Play Store or App Store on your cellphone.

Clear Instagram cache or trash

Every application installed on the cellphone must have cache or garbage files in it. The more often the application is used, the larger the cache or junk files of the application. If cache files are not cleaned regularly, they will continue to accumulate and become very large. This can cause the Instagram application not to run normally and an error occurs. So, please delete the cache file of the Instagram application periodically.

Clear Instagram app data

Deleting Instagram application data is different from deleting the cache or trash of the Instagram application. If you clear the cache, then the deleted files are only junk files that are not used anymore. However, if you delete the data, all additional files of the Instagram application will be deleted. Your account that is already logged in to the application will also be logged out. However, the effect of deleting the Instagram application, the Instagram application will be the same as just downloaded (not heavy).

Force Stop Instagram app

If you experience the error unable to reload news feed, then you should try to force stop the Instagram app. Force-quitting is different from closing the app as usual. However it completely stops the Instagram app running in the background on your system. After forcibly stopping the Instagram application, please reopen your Instagram.

Empty your HP RAM

When you open a lot of applications on your cellphone, the RAM you use will also increase. When your cellphone’s RAM is full or close to full, your cellphone will not be able to run optimally, allowing errors to occur in the system or applications installed on your cellphone. So, please close other applications while using Instagram to keep your RAM sufficient.

Restart your HP

A cellphone that has not been turned off or restarted for too long will definitely not work optimally. This allows errors to occur in the system or installed applications. Just like humans need to sleep, electronic devices also need to be turned off or reloaded periodically. When your Instagram can’t load news, please try to turn it off or restart your cellphone, then try to reload your Instagram again.

Reinstall the Instagram app

An application installed on a cellphone may experience errors when used. This can be caused by various things. One of them is the download process is not perfect. When an error occurs in an application, then some of the features in the application will certainly not run optimally. One of them is not being able to reload news feeds. To overcome this, please uninstall and re-download Instagram via the Play Store and App Store.

Instagram server is down

An application that allows users to upload content in the form of photos or videos definitely requires a large server as well. Coupled with the large number of users, this allows the Instagram server to experience disruption or down. When the server is down, all the services in the Instagram application become unusable. If it has happened like that, then the only way to do it is to wait for the server to recover.

Login using another Device

When there is an error that cannot load news on your Instagram, then you must determine the cause of the error. One of the easiest ways to check is by logging in to Instagram using another device. If on other devices your account still can’t load news, it means that the problem is your account. Not on the application or your cellphone.

Avoid SPAM actions

An application like Instagram hates SPAM actions by its users. SPAM actions applied to Instagram vary. Like following too many people, giving too many likes, SPAM comments and so on. When an account is detected as SPAM by Instagram, Instagram will give a warning against the application. And maybe one of them is not being able to reload news stories.

Ask Instagram for help

The last step you can take when an error occurs when you can’t load news on Instagram is to contact Instagram’s help center. An application like Instagram definitely provides a help center that will help its users in overcoming the problems they are experiencing. If you still can’t solve the problem, please try asking Instagram for help and asking for a solution.

Yeah, that’s roughly what it is how to fix instagram can’t reload news. This problem occurs very often and probably almost all Instagram users have experienced it. If you are experiencing this, please try one of the steps above.

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