How to Solve Microsoft Store Can’t Open on PC

The Microsoft Store is the easiest place to download apps and games on Windows. Overall the applications available there are declared safe to install. It’s the same as on smartphones, where you can install applications without having to download to a website again.

It will definitely be a problem for some people when the Microsoft Store suddenly can’t be opened. Whether it’s just loading continuously or closed directly. But don’t worry because there is a solution to overcome it.

Microsoft Store that can’t be opened is usually caused by a malfunction of the program or the version used is old. But on the other hand this can also happen due to trivial problems, such as setting the wrong date and time on the PC. And here are some solutions that you can do to overcome it.

1. Check Internet Connection and Re-login to Microsoft Account

In many cases, the Microsoft Store that cannot be opened normally is caused by an unavailable internet connection, whether it is offline or a slow network. For that, try to check again whether the internet connection used is now stable?

In addition to checking the internet connection, you also need to re-login to your Microsoft account. That way all the account data can be synced properly on the Microsoft Store and everything will return to normal.

2. Update Windows

Please check Windows Update in settings, is there really an update available? If so, please feel free to update. It would be even better if you did feature updates in order to get the latest build of Windows.

Update Windows

Usually the Windows update each month includes several fixes from a default program, one of which is from the Microsoft Store itself. So it is very important to regularly update so that the computer does not or rarely has problems.

3. Set the Date and Time Correctly

It is very important to set the date and time correctly so that the Microsoft Store can open properly. If you set it wrong, the server will certainly refuse and not allow you to open the content.

Changing Windows Time and Date

On Windows, you can set the date and time automatically, by selecting the time zone UTC+7 Asia/Jakarta. And this kind of problem does not only exist in the Microsoft Store, but the entire website will also not be accessible if the date and time on the device are wrong.

4. Clear Cache on Microsoft Store

Cache is basically used to optimize programs so that users can open content faster than usual. But when the cache file is problematic, of course the content that is displayed will be wrong and affect the program.

Therefore, you can try to clear the cache of the Microsoft Store program. The method is very easy, please click the button WIN+R and then type the following command:


After that click ENTER. Next command prompt will appear briefly. And once it’s closed, the Microsoft Store will open automatically.

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5. Change DNS on Windows

Because the Microsoft Store problem that cannot be opened usually leads to an internet connection, then you can change the DNS on the computer. And the use of DNS itself is basically very important for internet connections, and if you’re still using it, Default DNS The ISP, please replace it with Google’s DNS.

For procedures for changing DNS on a computer, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Windows Settings.

  2. Click Network & Internet.

  3. Then click on the menu Change Adapter Settings.

  4. Right click on the adapter that is used as internet. And choose Properties

  5. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4.

  6. Choose Use the following DNS Server addresses. And fill in the two columns like this:
  7. If so, click the button OK.

Solving Microsoft Store Can't Be Opened

When you’re done changing DNS, try to open the Microsoft Store again. Can it be opened now?

In addition to the method above, there are actually features Troubleshoot against the Microsoft Store, but I think it’s less effective considering it’s also the same as checking the internet network, which has been explained in the first method above.

If you have questions or maybe you want to add another method except above, you are very welcome to comment in the column provided at the bottom of the article.

Hopefully useful and good luck