How to Solve SIM Not Allowed on Samsung

Most Android phones today are equipped with two SIM slots. In addition, it is easier to install the SIM card without the need to disassemble the battery again, so changing the SIM card can be done quickly and practically.

The problem with the SIM card usually is that it cannot be detected. If on a Samsung phone, a notification will usually appear “SIM Not Allowed“. So the number cannot be used to make or receive calls and SMS.

Such problems occur more often due to the SIM card already blocked or past the expiration date. But apart from that there are also other obstacles that can cause it. And the solution will be explained in this article.

Causes of SIM Not Allowed on Samsung Phones

There are at least 4 causes that make the notification appear and the number cannot be used at all. The first is the result of the SIM card being scorched, the second is that there is damage to the SIM card brass.

Meanwhile the third can be caused by damage to the SIM card slot on the cellphone. And the last one can be caused from system problems or firmwarefor example IMEI that suddenly disappeared.

SIM Not Allowed Solution on Samsung

The solution I share here is almost like a simple experiment, and it aims to determine the problems you are currently experiencing.

1. Trying a SIM Card on Another Phone

So the first thing you need to do is try the cellular card on another phone first. Is it fully functional? If you can, it means that the problem is on the side of the phone, whether it’s from the firmware or from the SIM card slot.

But if you have tried it on another phone, it still doesn’t work, then the problem is with the cellular card.

2. Checking the Card’s Active Period

If you are using an application provided by the operator, for example, MyTelkomsel, AxisNet, and so on, please check the active period of the number on the application. And if the active period is still there, it means that the problem is on the SIM card.

For this problem, you can visit the nearest operator outlet to repair a damaged SIM card.

You can also contact the service customer service according to the card used to find out the active period of the card on the number.

3. Due to the Lost IMEI

Please go to options dialand type *#06# the IMEI number will appear on the phone. But if what appears is text nullit means the IMEI number is missing and is the cause of this SIM Not Allowed notification appearing.

To fix this, you have to re-flash the phone. There are many tutorials for various types of Samsung phones that can be found on Youtube. And before doing so, it is highly recommended to first back up any important data stored on the phone.

4. Due to Damaged SIM Card Slot

For this one, it is a difficult problem to fix independently, considering that the problem is with the phone’s hardware. So if the phone has been re-flashed but it doesn’t work, most likely the problem is with the SIM slot on the phone.

I suggest taking it to the nearest Samsung Center or service provider to replace the SIM card slot. Replacement costs vary greatly depending on the type of phone. Can be from 50 thousand to 200 thousand.

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The appearance of the SIM Not Allowed notification on a Samsung phone can be caused by various things. Some minor problems can be solved independently. I also recommend checking the active period first, because sometimes users forget to top up their credit which can make the card forfeit and can’t be used anymore.

If you have questions or perhaps additional solutions, you are very welcome to share them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck