How to Solve Video Can’t Play on Android

There are several obstacles that can occur when playing a video, and what is most often experienced by someone is that the video cannot be played. Whether it’s just a black display, or something else that looks like the video file is corrupted.

For example, you download a video on the internet. But after the download process is complete, the video don’t want to play. Of course it’s going to be annoying to have to wait so long, but in the end the video won’t play.

Constraints from this incident include many factors. And in this article you will get a solution to overcome this problem, so that videos already on the phone can be played properly without any more problems.

1. Make sure the video file is not corrupted

To make sure it’s very easy, just match the size of the video file on your phone with the original. Because sometimes the sending of files or the download process can fail.

And if the difference in file size is far enough, then you can be sure the video is damaged. For that, please send or re-download the video, of course this time it can be played.

2. Using Another Video Player

Although there are many video player applications available for free, but I prefer to use MX Player. The video player application is capable of playing videos of all available formats.

Even more supported formats than the built-in video player or the default from the phone. Besides that, there are also codec additional downloads that can be downloaded separately, allowing all videos with formats that are rarely found to be played, for example like TS, M43U8etc.

3. Video Resolution Too Big

This obstacle is more often experienced on phones that have low-end specifications, where a video resolution that is too large will make the phone jammed so that it can’t be played.

For example, the video resolution you have is 4K (2160p) and also has a very large size. If the device is not strong, the video will crash or a notification won’t play.

The solution, download or convert the video resolution is slightly lower, such as the resolution of the video HD (720p). The video quality is good when viewed from mobile devices.

To convert videos, use an app called Video Compression which can be downloaded via the Play Store. Meanwhile, if you want to do it from a computer, use a program called Handbrake.

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Up to this point, can the video on your phone be played? I recommend doing the above method starting from the first so that the results are effective. If you have another way except above, you are very welcome to add it in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck