How to Solve VLive Errors From Various Problems – Users of the VLive application may often encounter various problems regarding the use of these KPOPers apk. Both internal and external problems are in it.

Lately, many users are also experiencing problems such as temporary error occurred, temporary error ancaharys life journey and so forth. In addition to disturbing this kind of thing also makes the user’s mood to be destroyed.

But don’t worry, because in this article we will try to help you deal with various problems surrounding the Vlive application. So users can be more comfortable in running this application.

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How to Overcome Vlive Errors From Various Problems

There are several problems that we often encounter related to this VLive apk. And we have summarized them into the list that we have recap. More details, please check below!

  1. Notification problem temporary error occurred and temporary error ancaharys life journey (an error may have occurred, please try again).
  2. Problem can’t login to VLive app.
  3. The problem is that I bought a paid video but it can’t be played.
  4. VLive problem can’t view and post comments

Okay, after knowing the various problems that are often faced by VLive users. Here are tips that you can do to overcome this problem.

  • First, make sure your VLive application is the latest and most updated version.
  • Second, make sure your software (phone update) is the latest.
  • Third, make sure your WiFi condition is stable or your internet package data is still a lot.
  • Fourth, clear the cache (junk) of the VLive application.

Sometimes someone’s Vapp can’t be used due to conditions network used are not well connected, slow, slow or less convenient to access. This also affects the VLive app itself.

Unless the problem you are facing is that you have purchased a live video from a Boy band or girl band VLive, but you can’t watch it. Julybe the reason it exists because it happened error of the application itself.

The reason why when there is a live girl or favorite boyband error often occurs, it may also be suspected by the large number of viewers streaming simultaneously, or indeed the application is inadequate to load the streamers.

As a suggestion. Please rewatch the live video a few days after airing. From some users who do, they can watch the video smoothly and comfortably. (yes, it’s not really exciting if you don’t watch it live, but what’s important is watching it, right)

Users also don’t have to worry about the live video being lost. Because, this Vlive+ feature also gives users the right to watch the video footage as long as you want.

Apart from problems temporary errorsometimes we also find the last few days the Vlive user can’t watch streaming even though he has also re-installed and deleted the Vlive app trash.

In fact, other activities such as playing YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok can be done smoothly, but not on the Vlive application.

This kind of thing is sometimes encountered by Vlive users who use a WiFi network to open this application. The solution to this problem is actually not that difficult. You just have to change using data or internet quota to stream. Because according to personal experience, this method is effective to do.

Another problem that has recently plagued other live users is that they cannot comment, view comments, or when commenting there are notifications “‘try again”.

This kind of thing often happens to vlive app users who don’t want to update the app and delete the trash in it. So, please do an application update and don’t forget to delete the vlive application trash, so that this apk remains light and fast for you to use.

So, the thing about not being able to comment or view comments is not because the user is using premium or free VIP. Users can still comment even if they use a free vlive account without paying.

As for the problem of not being able to log in via Android\iPhone or PC, this may be due to the vlive account you are using. So, the first thing we want to ask is what account Vapp is connected to? Line, Naver or other accounts?

Try to use one account for the purpose of buying premium VIP, live streaming, or anything else you want to do in this application.

Admin advice, don’t forget to update, both applications and cellphone software. Sometimes, users are reluctant to update because it is too burdensome for HP and makes Android memory run out quickly.

Julybe it’s because you’re using an old version of vlive, which causes your application to have various errors or bugs in it. So don’t panic when vlive is still getting an error, please do the above methods so that your favorite application can return to its original state.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to solve vlive error 2022. Whether it’s a problem with an error, comments can’t be seen, or comments, or other problems about these vapps.

REMEMBER!!! Don’t forget to update, update phone software, and delete trash that burdens application and cellphone performance. If you’ve done all these things but the app still crashes, it’s possible that there’s an internal problem with the app. Please wait for vlive to return to normal. Thank you and hopefully useful.