How to Solve Your Own Dim Bright HP Screen

Have you ever experienced screen brightness suddenly dim or bright by itself? Some people feel uncomfortable about it because under certain conditions sometimes the screen suddenly gets out of control, so that what is seen cannot be read or even can make it glare.

All Android phones have a light sensor which is useful for adjusting automatic brightness. But if the sensor is damaged or not calibrated properly, then something strange will happen, one of which is that the cellphone screen will dim by itself in inappropriate conditions.

The simplest way to solve this is adjust brightness manually on mobile. And in this article we will explain how to do it.

Self Bright HP Screen Solution

On most phones, adjusting the screen brightness can be done quickly via the notification panel). It’s just that to turn off automatic brightness, sometimes the button is not found there. But you can still disable it from Settings, here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Appearance.

    Tap View Menu

  3. Don’t activate on option Auto Brightness or Adaptive Brightness.

    Solving HP Screen Dim Bright Alone

Now the brightness setting on the phone will not be changed automatically and will stay according to what you currently set. So from now on please adjust the brightness manually and comfortably from the notification panel.

Performing a Light Sensor Calibration

If you don’t want to adjust the brightness manually, then another solution is to fix the light sensor so that it works as it should. As long as it’s not a hardware problem, this method will definitely work.

For most Android phones to access the light sensor calibration menu you can type the code below on the phone.


After that the option to start calibration will appear, and please follow the procedure to completion.

Julybe some phones won’t be able to use this unique code, so I suggest another way, namely using an application called Lux Meter. The application has a feature to calibrate the light sensor in it.

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HP screen dimming and bright suddenly in inappropriate conditions caused by a faulty light sensor. But as long as it’s just a calibration problem, of course it can still be fixed.

Meanwhile I prefer to adjust the brightness manually because it is not complicated. Given that the settings for adjusting the brightness are in the notification panel, everything can be achieved easily, aka without going back and forth to settings.

Actually you can also overcome this problem by resetting the phone completely, it will erase all current settings and restore them to factory settings. But make sure you have backed up all important data on your phone so you don’t lose it when you reset it.

Hopefully useful and good luck