How to Stop Content Services on Indosat Cards

Do you feel that you currently have an active content service on your phone? Sometimes content services don’t realize they are active, and most people know it from feeling that their credit is sucked in by itself every week.

It’s still a question that this content service is provided by the operator or a third party, but it’s really annoying. And what’s worse, the owner of the cellphone is not aware that he is having the content service, because he feels he has never subscribed.

But don’t worry, because the content service still can be stopped. And this article will provide an easy procedure to stop it, especially for Indosat cards (IM3, Mentari, and so on).

Stop Content Services on Indosat Cards

  1. Open a call on the phone.

  2. Type *185# and call.

  3. Type number 2 (My Service) and Submit.

  4. Then type the number again 2 (Unreg All Services).

  5. Then a confirmation will appear. Type number 1 to agree and move on.

  6. Done, the content service has been successfully terminated.

Sometimes you will also get an SMS saying that all content services that you currently have are stopped. So from now on your credit will be safe. And if you want to know how prevent to be automatically registered in content services, please continue to read this article.

Knowing Owned Content Services

To find out it’s still almost the same as the tutorial above, please follow it to the next step.3and after that type the number 1 to find out the content services on the phone.

If you are registered with a content service, usually per week you will get a message from a 5-digit number. And that’s when the credit will be taken, the average is 2 thousand rupiah per week from one service. But what if you have two or more content services? Certainly more pulses are taken.

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Preventing Content Services from Registering on Indosat Cards

How to prevent it is easy, so when there is an SMS message from a 5-digit number, that’s enough ignore it and don’t reply to the message. Because if you reply with text or even an emoji, it’s possible you’ve been registered. And this is a dirty way done by them.

Likewise with promotional popup messages that suddenly appear on the screen. Please press the back button on the phone and don’t press the Send option, because even if you don’t type anything, you’ll be registered.

I share this prevention method because I myself have been trapped by their dirty way of popup messages that appear suddenly on the screen. At that time a promotional message appeared and I was asked to type in number 1 to subscribe, but I didn’t type any number and immediately pressed the Submit option, but the result was that I was registered with the content service.

But until now I no longer have any content services listed since canceling everything and ignoring any promotions that appear.

Hopefully useful and good luck