How to Stop Telkomsel Card Content Service

Many consider that the content service on a cellular card is very disturbing, because sometimes it appears suddenly without any confirmation of subscription from the users. And in most cases the pulse sucked is the result of this.

Content services are actually intended depending on the interests of the user. But in some mobile cards, it is almost abused in a way trap users such as the lure of bonuses after subscribing. It’s a slightly naughty marketing ploy, but it works.

On a Telkomsel card, when you subscribe to a content service, every day you will definitely get a message from someone multi-digit number. From my own experience, every day the credit is deducted about 2000 rupiah after receiving an SMS from the content service.

How to Stop Telkomsel Card Content Service?

There are more or less two ways that you can easily stop the content service. The first is through the app MyTelkomsel. Once you are logged in, you can see which number is currently subscribed to, and can be terminated directly from there.

You can download the MyTelkomsel application on the Play Store or the Apps Store. And after that, please log in using the Telkomsel number you are currently using.

But apart from the My Telkomsel application, there is another way that is relatively easy, namely via SMS.

1. Stop Telkomsel Content Services from SMS

This method is very simple and easy. Because you only need to reply to messages from the content service with the text “STOP“. Later you will get a reply stating that you have unsubscribed. Here is an example picture.

Unsubscribe from Telkomsel Card Content Service

After receiving this reply, you are now no longer subscribing to the content service. Even if you find you are subscribing to two types of content services, please do the same on the other number.

2. Contacting Telkomsel Operators

You can check further regarding what content services are being followed on the number by contacting the Telkomsel operator. You can contact him through social media such as page Facebook or Twitter.

But you can also call directly from the phone if you want a faster response. Of course the operators will help you to check the content service and also stop it if that’s what you want.

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Tips to Avoid Subscribing to Content Services

As I explained above, this content service uses a slightly naughty way to attract users to subscribe. For example, getting an SMS message that offers free 10GB quota for a day after joining. And it says “T&C apply“which sometimes everyone ignores.

But you don’t know if the content service is in the form of a subscription, so every day the credit is cut off. And even if you don’t have enough credit, you will still get an SMS message from the service stating “credit is not enough to make a purchase“.

For that, never reply to SMS messages that offer promotions or the like, so that later you won’t regret it after registering.

That’s the discussion this time. If you want to add something or ask questions related to Telkomsel’s content services, you are very welcome to directly comment in the column provided below.

Hopefully useful and good luck