How to Take Care of Betta Fish for Good Color

Betta fish are ornamental fish that are now widely loved and liked. Betta fish themselves live between swamps and streams of ditches or water flows, for example around rice fields.

These betta fish live in groups. Many have this betta fish as decoration or ornamental fish that are placed in the aquarium and some are cultivating this betta fish because the color makes it attractive.

Usually betta fish also have a high selling price when they have a unique and attractive color. Betta fish itself has a Latin name, namely betta fish, many betta fish are found in tropical climates like Indonesia. And as I said above, this fish lives with group method, and we can find it around rice fields, calm waters, and small swamps.

There are many betta fish that have been cared for and cultivated, especially for children who like fish, it is very suitable to keep this betta fish. The food for this betta fish can use a small olelet or mosquito larvae. mosquito.

The most important thing if you want to keep this betta fish is to pay attention to several things, namely: the acidity of the water or the pH of the water, the betta fish is a fish that likes to live in cool and calm places or cool places. We can see this attitude when we put this betta fish together in one place. It will definitely develop its fins, indicating that it is ready when it meets its kind of fish.

How to care for betta fish so that the color is good is to dry it.

This can also aim to make the color of this betta fish look fresh and good,

but it should be noted that you should not dry betta fish for a long time, just enough, then the function of drying betta fish so that the color is good this also functions as a bacteria killer in the container or place of the betta fish

Here’s how to care for betta fish so that the color is nice and bright.

Pay attention to the quality of the water, make sure the water must always be diligent in changing, so that bacteria do not appear in the container or where the betta fish are. Or you can say the aquarium.

The thing that needs to be considered when caring for betta fish is that the place or container or aquarium that we use must be large and so that the fish are not too narrow so that the betta fish are free to move in the container or place that we provide.

Ensure regular water changes

The change of water also makes the color of the betta fish bright and nice, this thing that needs to be considered is to change the water on the betta fish.

Here’s a betta fish eater

Betta fish can actually also eat mosquito larvae, besides that betta fish also eat salmon, and for salmon. This salmon food can also improve the color of betta fish.

then to eat betta fish next is blood worms, this blood worm betta fish food can also beautify the color of your betta fish.

Thus the discussion on how to care for betta fish so that the color is good, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.