How to Template Capcut Without Watermark 2022

The capcut template method without a watermark is quite easy, my friend, perfect for those of you who want to edit the pause without the hassle of editing.

We will discuss how to edit jedug caput without being difficult to edit, for friends who are lazy to edit jedug pauses,

There is a way that my friend can use just by preparing photos & videos, my friend can also edit the pause without a watermark and it doesn’t take long, just 1 minute pause and without a watermark,

If you want to use an aesthetic, 3D, similar template, friends, you can use everything, just prepare a photo or video.

The first step is to prepare some photos that you want your friend to make a pause or video for, friend.

Then just select the video pause with the version you want, just select the tempplaye you want,

Then rotate the template then click on the “use template” menu section and just select the video or photo that we will make a pause.

Then my friend checks the results first and there will still be a watermark on the top right, but calm down, friend, we can remove it,

The trick is when we save and it’s almost 100% we click our cellphone’s home button or we just exit, so that it’s not switched to tiktok, then after almost 100% we click the home button.

And you can check the results in your gallery video, then the results are without a watermark and without the logo from the capcut application,

It’s quite easy, it’s not how to edit the pause using a template without a logo and capcut watermark

Even my friend can also use this method to try the 3D version too, basically with any version you can use this method and without a watermark

Make sure you can try it, yes, that’s how to edit pause without a watermark, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.