How to temporarily disable WhatsApp in 2022

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in mimin’s article, this time mimin will discuss how to temporarily disable whatsapp.

Whatsapp itself is a chat application, send videos, etc. The whatsapp application itself is widely used, because it is easy and simple to chat, video calls etc. Of course WhatsApp is already commonly used by Android users. For WhatsApp itself, there are now many new features. .

On whatsapp itself we can create a group, which we can share with each other to the groups we have, for example to the closest friends in the groups we have,

For how to temporarily disable WhatsApp, you can do it without an application, where you just go into the settings menu and then you just have to select it in the application storage menu and select the force stop menu, then automatically when we choose force to stop, then your whatsapp will not automatically receive phone calls or whatsapp chats.

But with the feature of forcing the application to stop this has a weakness, which is when you open WhatsApp again it will automatically run again and will receive messages and calls, now without this application it has a weakness, but it doesn’t matter if you have activated the application forcibly. stop, and don’t open wa if you really want wa to die for a while.

Then the second way you can use an additional application which for this application is able to make your whatsapp temporarily disabled even though you open your wa.

For additional applications, this is an internet guard application where this application functions to turn off the mobile data network in the application you want, and this application without root is certainly effective for temporarily disabling WhatsApp.

Here are some steps to use the internet guard application to temporarily disable whatsapp,

First install the application on the play store, then you install it on your cellphone, and you allow the application, then enter the internet guard application menu section, then just select the application you want to temporarily disable, now you can choose whtsapp,

Then press on the logo such as wifi and internet data, you press and you activate the menu at the top left by sliding to the right, then your whatsapp will automatically be temporarily disabled, and if you want to turn it back on, just open the internet guard application then you just reactivate.

That’s the discussion on how to temporarily disable WhatsApp in 2022, hopefully it will be useful and thank you